Welcome To Mario Kart: Toilet Edition

Image: Nintendo/Youtube

I've written about playing games while taking a dump before, but I don't know that I'd want to crystallise that image in the form of a TV commercial.

But if you're Nintendo and you're trying to say, "Hey, you can play anywhere with the Switch", then I guess you need a shot of a dude with his pants by his ankles. And I mean right down.

I mean, who pulls their pants down that far?

Image: Nintendo/Youtube

That's the face of someone who's dropped more than a few coins on the track.

It's all part of a new commercial for the Nintendo Switch in Germany that promotes some of the places you can now play Mario Kart 8: Deluxe in. Including the one place that really counts.


    Remind me to never buy a second hand Switch (or any portable for that matter).

    this is why I need a firewall to the WAN

    Playing in the toilet is like peeing in a public pool. We will never really know who does or doesn't.

    Um... I pull my pants down that far... dammit Mark now I feel self conscious!

      You mean Alex. And don't feel like that, I do it too. Who would have their pants all the way up to their knees? That's just weird man.

        Yep, the only time I'd have them that high is if I'm in a public toilet with a revealing gap in the cubical door.

        Oh thank God you guys admitted to it. I'm absolutely a dacks-to-the-floor kind of guy. Any higher then I risk shit (no pun intended) falling from my pockets into the bowl during re-dressing.

    I mean, who pulls their pants down that far?Well if you want to keep your knees together that's cool and all, but I prefer a little spread :P

    I pull my pants down that far...

      Mine just fall where they may, which is usually ankles. Surely if people wanted them higher they'd have to physically hold them up? Do I just have runty little calves or something?

    Another proud member of the "pants down around the ankles" club.

    Ankles here. Only in public toilets or a door with a lock I don't trust do I go to the ol knees tactic.

    Now I need a term.

    "Fluid pantster."

    Last edited 27/01/17 5:25 pm

    A better question would be "Who leaves their pants on when they go to the toilet?"

    If your shits take so long that you need something to keep you entertained while you're doing it, you really need to reconsider your diet.

      Nobody needs that long. The actual business only takes a few minutes, but where else can you squeeze in a few rounds of gaming during business hours?

      As the saying goes:

      Boss makes a dollar
      I make a dime
      That's why I poop on company time.

        One of those instances when I'm more than happy to admit I was wrong.

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