What A Broke-Arse Batman Would Look Like

This is some Batman cosplay with a difference. Rather than try to copy the Dark Knight's appearance from any number of comics, movies or games, frigginboomtoys has decided to try something more original, and imagine "Poor Batman".

It's from a universe where, instead of being born rich, Bruce Wayne is actually dirt poor, and has to scrounge and cobble together his batsuit however he can.

In this case, the cowl is made entirely from cut up pieces of old shoes. And it looks incredible.

Cosplay by Friggin Boom Toys, whose superhero-proof helmet we posted last year.


    You ever drink Baileys out of a shoe?

    I've always liked the idea of a highly skilled but totally broke Batman.

    Hoodie and bandana in place of cowl and vape. Cruising the streets on the Bat-BMX. Whompin' fools upside the head with the Bat-(Baseball)-Bat.

    I really kinda figured a broke Batman would probably do the Netflix Daredevil thing with an inexpensive-without-being-hobo-clothes ski-mask or similar, until he's busted enough low-lifes and confiscated their cash to fund better gear.

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