What Are Your 2017 New Year's Resolutions?

At some point I resolved to stop making New Year's resolutions because I was so bad at following through on them. But for that very reason, I returned the next year and every year since inspired to recommit myself to any number of goals I'd probably never achieve.

And even though I try to make it a little bit easier with each subsequent year, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe I'll make it another 365 days and finally be able to claim with a straight face that it worked for once, success has not exactly been forthcoming.

So this year I resolve simply to beat a single game from my backlog. Maybe Lost Odyssey. It'd also be nice to maybe read to completion at least one in five of the books I actually buy.

What about you? What are your resolutions for 2017?


    I'm thinking actually learning Japanese. Started getting somewhere in my last attempt so maybe I'll finally have a working use of the language this year.

    Either that or getting at least ST TNG and DS9 out of the way.

    I'm planning to stop buying games that I don't have the time to actually play. I hate having a backlog that I feel obliged to get through, so instead of just enjoying every game, they turn into this grim death march that I have to get through as fast as possible in order to get onto the next one.

      I've been doing this one for a couple of years now, so many games I've just skipped over because I know I won't have time for them.

      I also need to do this. Impulse buying is the worst.

    Save more money, lose some weight.

    Doing one will help the other, because if I make a packed lunch and eat homecooked meals, I'll be spending less and eating better than if I'm regularly buying my lunch and dinner.

    Just gotta get over the KFC withdrawal...

    Stop buying games that aren't on sale. They normally go on sale once or twice before I get to them anyway.

    Same as last year, but a bit more conservative - I'll try to finish the Witcher 3 this year.

    I cracked 1000 games on steam right before the new year. My resolution this year is to try to keep my ratio of playing games vs looking at buying games in check ;)

    No More PreOrders

    Got burned on the last few, only to find out by the time the developers get off their butt and fix the issues its in sale and I can get a better deal then, than at preorder

    Is to stop playing so much shallow multiplayer timesinks. Whilst CS, BF and TitanFall2 are fun, I want to start cracking thru more of my singleplayer collection.

    Oh, and learn Spanish :).

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    Anything I could think of would be just something I failed to achieve last year (not NYRs, just stuff I wanted to do), so I commit to nothing :P

    Drink less beers and ride more bikes than last year.

    I finished uni this year, so...

    New career.
    Get conversationally competent in French.
    House deposit by the end of the year.

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