What We Love And Hate About Overwatch’s Chinese New Year Update

On the latest episode of our semi-regular Overwatch show, Let’s Break It Down, Cecilia, Heather and I discuss the pros and cons of the Year Of The Rooster update. Pro: Roadhog’s new hook is actually kinda cool. Con: his new skin makes him look like a Texas chainsaw massacre. Also, capture the flag? Not super great.

In addition, we talk about why loot boxes are FESTERING GARBAGE, and then we head down Mild Contention Alley when we discuss the big D.Va nerf, which I personally don’t think is as terrible as everybody’s saying. So yeah, feel free to aim your mecha cannons at my face and flame away. Regrettably, we didn’t get around to composing any spicy Zenyatta fan fiction, but I mean, that would have been ridiculous. We’d clearly need to set aside an entire episode for that kind of thing.

What do you think of the new update? Are you enjoying the festivities?


  • Wait, D.Va got nerfed? I’ve been melting face with her since the update and assumed she’d been buffed. What was the nerf?

    • She does less damage per pellet, but fires more of them now per shot (she still suffered a net loss in damage per shot). The health and armor values of her mech were effectively swapped (i.e. she had 400 armor and 200 health before, she now has 200 armor and 400 health).

      The armor and health changes is the big one, her HP being mostly health now means the mech goes down a lot quicker than it did before.

      • A bloody hell of a lot faster. You really need to pick your fights now. Can’t just rush in.
        But with the increas in bullet per second, you can pick of the squishies a lot faster at close range

        • You do have to practically park your mech on top of them though to make sure every one of those 2 hit point bullets connects.

    • They nerfed Dva especially on the 3v3 map, where they decided that having her leave the mecha was just to much!

  • I actually quite enjoyed the capture the flag variant, as a change. Wouldn’t want it to become a permanent thing, but it changes things up just enough while remaining true to the general teamwork ethos. (Unlike elimination, which just screams of pandering to Dudebro KDR-whores)

  • I love Mercy’s new dress. I’d kill to be able to pull it off. Dva nerf feels too far in the right direction, but it’s probably not meant for me. Loot system remains bs. New emote/voice system is great, please extend to sprays and skins.

    Bad: Zeny skin. ugh, so gross. He looks like a play boy. I’ll pass

    • It does work for sprays. You can equip four and use the spray menu with y on PC. Can only have one active at a time unfortunately ….

    • Imagine balancing with 16 other character, as well as different team combinations, modes, map types and skill ratings. All with a complaint-happy community. It’s fair enough it takes them a while.

      • I don’t disagree with the thought required to implement a new character and maintain balance but that doesn’t affect how much I want to play or see new characters!

        I imagine Paragon have a whole bank of characters prepped and ready to come out already, regardless a new playable hero every three weeks is bloody impressive.

  • I think with a bit of tweaking, Capture The Flag could easily sit alongside the payload and point capture maps in the regular cycle.
    It does need its own maps and some changes to the way it functions to better take into account the quirks of the game, but it’s conceptually very solid. I think part of the problem people are having is that it’s far more reliant on decent team work than the other variants as you effectively have to split them team in half to account for both attack and defence and communicate reasonable well between the two.

  • Too often does CTF end in a draw… Which is a real drag when you’re working toward getting three wins in for the bonus loot box.

    Winning is much more satisfying though, and it’s feels rightly intense when you’re 2-1 up with only a minute to go and your opposition just goes all out on the rush to bring the flag home to draw it up.

    So, it definitely provides some different quotable moments to the regular modes, but again, too often does it end in a stalemate, which ultimately turns me off it.

    • Now that we’ve been able to play it, it is fun. It just needs to be fleshed out now. I’m not sure Lijang Tower is the best map for it. There needs to be more open flag locations so they cant just be turtled by Symm/Bastion/Torb. An actual dedicated CTF map would be nice to see how it plays.

      I like how it brings a lot of the non-meta characters into the game. Junkrat/Sombra are really good, as is Winston. It makes it fresh.

  • Loot Boxes suck for a game I paid full price for, in-game currency is also way too random (ties into the loot box problem).

    • Methinks if they increased the boon of currency for rolling a duplicate skin would that help?

      Do you get more currency now for rolling a legendary skin twice – as opposed to a spray twice? (I hope so)

      I guess there is a fine balance here where they don’t want the majority of people to own the skins because they would feel devalued… They need the skins to feel like they are worth attaining/worth spending real money on :S

      • Increasing the coins you get from dupes from 20% to 25-30% of the cost to buy (including event prices) would be a big improvement. It also doesn’t help that each time these events happen the lootbox pool suddenly increases by 100+ for the duration of the event.

        Ideally, it would be nice if each game played gave you 5-10 coins.

        • True, but i guess we should be grateful there is even a away to earn free boxes…

          I know the game was 60$, but i play LOL and I’m sure I’ve spent hundreds of dollars (over 5 years) on RP to get skins.

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