Wii U Games At 4K Are Gorgeous

Image: NeoGAF (u/mcmaster)

Part of the fun of emulators is you can make games look the way they really should.

It’s been a staple of the Dolphin emulator for Gamecube and Wii games, and its a feature that is being included in the latest update to the cemu Wii U emulator. The latest version, 1.7.0, is currently only available to Patreon supporters, but it’ll be released to the public in about a week.

Until then, here’s a taste of just how pretty Wii U games can be.

Images: NeoGAF (u/KingSnake, jediyoshi, KingSnake)

The 4K graphic packs, which lets you configure anti-aliasing, resolution, shadow quality, post-processing, level of lighting effects and more, are only available for a handful of games right now. The video below runs through a side-by-side analysis of some of the games available. (The video is best viewed at 4K, but even at regular 1080p you can see the improved textures, anti-aliasing and overall better image quality.)

If you’d like to view some of the screenshots in their original quality – or at least untarnished by YouTube’s video processing – there’s a great NeoGAF thread with plenty.

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