Woody Harrelson Confirms He's Playing Han Solo's Mentor In New Star Wars Film

Speaking to Variety on Sunday, Zombieland star Woody Harrelson revealed that he will play the future smuggler's mentor in Han Solo's upcoming standalone film, verifying a rumour first reported earlier this month.

Asked if he is playing "the Han Solo mentor" Garris Shrike, Harrelson replied, "Yeah, I am," making it unclear if he was confirming both his role in the Star Wars film and the character's name or only the former. The movie, which does not yet have a title, is scheduled for a May 2018 release.

Other confirmed cast members include Aiden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover, who will play a young Han Solo and a young Lando Calrissian, and Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke, whose role in the film has not yet been announced.

In the (now non-canon) Star Wars expanded universe, Garris Shrike is a cruel, Fagin-like, former bounty hunter who leads a group of child thieves, including the orphaned Solo. In a violent showdown, Solo eventually escapes Shrike and becomes a pilot for the Imperial Navy.

In 2014, the expanded universe was rebranded as Star Wars Legends and placed outside the official Star Wars universe to avoid contradictions with future storylines, so it's unknown if Harrelson's character will share qualities with the mentor that first appeared in A. C. Crispin's Han Solo novels.

If nothing else, let's hope they settle on a name that's a little more clever than the one pronounced (no joke) "garish rake."


    Thanks for linking to the "rake" wikipedia article. I would've been so confused otherwise ;)

    Is there some pronunciation key I missed? Because 'Garris Shrike' does not sound like 'garish rake'.

      It seems to have become A Thing to intentionally mishear things. See also "piss of kek" and "friendship drive," from Overwatch and Elite Dangerous respectively, both of which are also massive stretches.

      Like all the terrible things in this world, I blame reddit for this.

    I think I'd prefer a movie staring Woody Harrelson as a space cowboy with no Han Solo attached.

      100% agree. I love Woody Harrelson, but if there's one thing Young Indiana Jones taught me, it's that this world doesn't need [YOUNG VERSION OF A HARRISON FORD CHARACTER] stories.

    This dude is like potatoes, in that potatoes always get a bad rep for being "bad" for fitness and diet and stuff. I say bullsh1t to that! Tony horton eats potatoes, that dude is like what?....50 something? and can still lift a gym off it's foundations. Screw you and your assumptions. Woody harrelson is the mang! Like a fine wine, better with age. I mean, look at that picture, he's wearing a short sleeved shirt, tats and pointing with concerned brow. UNDER FRICKEN APPRECIATED!

    Perfect casting. Spot on perfect.

      It's almost like he played a weird mentor before in another movie series! I would laugh if his character was basically Abernathy from Hunger Games, perpetually drunk and all.

    I just watched The Edge of Seventeen last week at the cinema and Woody Harrison was absolutely brilliant in it. I wholeheartedly approve of this casting.

      Seen True Detective Season 1 yet? Absolutely amazing in it.

        Nah, I refuse to pay money to Foxtel, and I've got more than enough in my Netflix / Stan queues to bother taking the torrent path.

          It's... out on DVD, and has been for years :\
          It's worth twice whatever the store charges.

            Yeah, but my streaming queue runneth over, I don't need to go spending more money on even more shows.

            Maybe one day HBO will get their shit together, ditch Foxtel and get their streaming service running in this country.

              But probably not. Man it is 8 episodes of basically perfect, just find a way.

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