Woody Harrelson In Early Talks To Be Han Solo's New Mentor: Report

Variety has sources saying that Woody Harrelson is in the early stages of negotiation to play the mentor of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) in the next standalone Star Wars movie.

Image: War for the Planet of the Apes, 20th Century Fox

There's no more information than that available, but we do know that Donald Glover will be playing Lando Calrissian and Emilia Clarke will be the love interest. My question is: Will Harrelson's mentor teach smuggling or thieving, since the new Star Wars canon got rid of the story that Han once attended the Imperial Academy? Both the old and new canon do have him being orphaned at a young age and taking up thieving.

Harrelson could be the Space Fagin to Ehrehreich's space Oliver Twist. That would be one direction to take, I guess.

There's also this from The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit, saying that Christian Bale was the name being bandied about before Harrelson:

The Han Solo film is due in 2018 from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.


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    Love the idea of Woody in this role, love it a lot.

    Member Han Solo? Member Lando? They're going to mention the Kessel run and show Lando losing the Falcon to Han in a card game! I'm clapping cause I member Star Wars!

      Its the prison breakout that brings Chewie into the mix that I want to see!

      This. Everything this.
      Who cares what happened to Han before he was the guy that we loved as a charismatic, smuggling scoundrel. We loved the scoundrel. Not WHY/HOW he became a scoundrel. Give us new stories. Yeah I'm wasting my breath, I know :(

        I'm a little unsure on your point ? a proper story about how/why Han became what he was IS a new story.

      The cynicism is strong in this one!
      But Yeh that cynicism is warranted unfortunately. Did u like rogue one?
      I enjoyed it, I don't think star wars movies r ever going to be quality films by any stretch, but as big budget blockbusters they beat out almost everything else imo.

    Woody needs to stop sucking his front teeth every time he gets ready to deliver a line. Apart from that though, good news.

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