Worst. Game. Ever.

Thank Christ this isn't real.

I was sent this over the Christmas period. I literally vomited all over my desk.

It's fake, obviously, inspired by the fact that I really, publically don't like Curtis Stone. I can't even explain why.

(I'm sure he's lovely in real life.)

I'm almost certain this prank is the nefarious work of Daniel 'Vooks' Vuckovic. He has a history of this stuff. Last year he sent me this mug:

I'm drinking green tea out of that bad boy as we speak.

But this time Vooks has cranked it up a notch. The detail on this 'game' is incredible...

Sweet Potato DLC coming 2018. I bet that shit is paid DLC.

There's even a little cart inside:

Bravo Vooks. Bravo.



    Meh, can't be worse than...

    [Dramatic Pose]


      I actually enjoyed the gameplay in Too Human. Actually repurchased a copy last year for real cheap.

        Same here, Cybernetic Commando FTW

          Too Human healer type guy right here.

    That would be an interesting mash-up.


      eh, at least your not trying to milk it for all its worth

    Imagine this in VR? OMG, totally awesome! Not such a half-baked idea.

    Besides, the 3DS wouldn't be able to handle recreating that jaw of his...

    I always knew Curtis Stone was a bit of a spud.

    I dunno, I find peeling vegetables to be very Zen

    I thought it was just me... can't STAND the bloke. And like you, I don't really know why. I guess he just comes across as a super insincere corporate shill.

    It's not hard to hate these nauseating shills.
    Gotta say pete evans grinds my gears worse. All that paleo bullshit.

    While he has put a lot of detail into the packaging, he's managed to miss the fact the card is marked "USA", the technical information on the rear is in what looks like French and the classification is Australian... C'mon mate...

    Though I am curious if we get to Gordon Ramsay, possible DLC?

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