Yooka-Laylee Has Multiplayer Now

And wow, this stuff is actually quite interesting.

Instead of playing it safe with like, I dunno, some sort of third person buffoonery, they've gone and made a Mario Party style thing. That seems like a great idea to me. Almost like they're making two separate games at the same time. Big undertaking.

It looks like a lot of fun and I'm slowly moving my dial from 'this is exploitative nostalgia at its absolute worst' to, 'hey this looks quite good'.


    reading this article, you sound like you would be fun at parties

    I'm seriously thinking of getting this on PS4 or GoG. Which ever gives me the better deal.

    Got Shantae on PS4 because it came with the sound track. This is physical by the way, I don't know if it comes with the digital copy but considering the two formats cost the same (WTF?!) the physical copy won out.

    Man the more I see of this game the more keen I get. So many throwbacks to the old Banjokazooie days.

    So hype for this, although I'm having trouble deciding whether to buy it on Xbone now to get access to the Toybox Demo, or wait and buy it on the Switch.

      Toy box isn't much, I'd say wait and get it on switch to do the nostalgia thing properly.

      I regret getting it on PS4 now, would have much preferred it on Switch

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