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Keen to hear more about the Switch, the new Zelda and everything else Nintendo is keeping under wraps? This is where you need to be.

The livestream isn't scheduled to go live until 3:00pm Friday AEDT, but you can leave your predictions here, talk about what you'd like to see, discuss what games you reckon will come out this year, and give flak to everyone who was wrong over the last few months. You can also head over to our liveblog, if you want to stay up to date but can't watch a video in the middle of your work day.

Personally I'm expecting: more about the new Zelda, a clarification on what happens when the console is docked and when it's not, something around a new 3D Mario, some third party indies (Yooka-Laylee and Stardew Valley are my guesses) and a big showing from at least one major publisher - probably Ubisoft.


    I’m expecting a $450 machine with $80 games that stay $80 for a decade after their release, a backwards compatibility system that resells 20 year old Nintendo games at the same price as a two-year old AAA Xbox title, and a really tough decision on whether Nintendo is actually going to deliver the industry-standard titles that used to justify the cost of their systems.

    I’ve honestly never been more on the fence about a console in my life! For every part of me that think Nintendo makes the best games, there’s a part that doesn’t trust them at all not to f*ck everything up.

      Did you play the many GOTY brilliant titles the Wii U had?
      And I don't know where you bought your games from, I paid less than for Xbox One and PS4 games.

        You can regularly find >6mth old games for the other consoles for below $50 on sale. I think I've seen this maybe twice for Wii U games and none in the past 12 months.

          Agreed, I've been putting off getting some Wii U (and even a couple 3DS) games for years just because they never go on sale, meanwhile I got The Last Guardian for $39 a month after release...

          Nintendo might make great games but they don't tend to make cheap games.

      Don't forget that download games purchased for the virtual console system on previous consoles won't carry over to the new system even if using the same account.

    Obviously interested in finding out the Australian price/release date (though I expect we might need to wait until just after the stream for that when Nintendo AU comments on it) - apparently the US price was leaked as $250 US today so that should still put it around the $350 AU like I was expecting... Really hoping to see a massive or somewhat new Pokemon game - I know 'Project Stars' or whatever is rumoured but if it's just a direct port of Sun/Moon I'm not that bothered by it.

    Other thing I'd love to see is a big push of digital/virtual console support straight off the bat (not to mention online support in general). Wii never did a great job at that IMO and Wii U does a decent job of it now but it took way too long for them to get that ball rolling, hoping they speed that process up this time around.

    Also just for a bit of related fun, "leaked" games list via jpct88 on Nintendo Switch reddit:

    Edit: 'verified leak' on that price, so it is the official price Best Buy have been given for now but it's not 'official confirmation' yet.

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      Ya had me until the last one.

      Ya damn well had me.

      Edit: Although the "Brand Spanking" in the first line is what I want that title to be, now.

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      There has been a US price, a UK price, a Canadian price and a Japanese price, all at the same AU $330.
      So I am expecting $350, and if there is a premium console with included game (rumoured to be Splatoon) I expect that to be $400 to $450.
      Hopefully Australia/EB tax doesn't drive it up.

    Im expecting this announcement to mainly stick to just showing a release date a price some more of the console and maybe a bit on its OS and if there is anything like Miiverse on it. Then the treehouse stream that's the next day will show the games.

    I am unapologetic about my Nintendo leanings, so I'm usually whining like a stuck pig that sites like Kotaku don't give enough "air-time" to Nintendo's stuff.

    While I'm enthusiastic, this reminds of the times before the Wii U.

    I'm very critical where I need to be of Nintendo because unlike others I consider their machine to be my primary games device of choice, and it's the others that bring up the rear.

    I'm tempering my expectations:

    It needs to be region-free. But I doubt this.

    The games on a console at launch no longer matter. Sony and Microsoft moved the goal-posts on this and that's OK. But to hold Nintendo to a different standard which used to be the standard anyway has always grated.

    Price is relative. People who don't rate the 3DS or the Wii U are probably praying for something exorbitant, to justify themselves in forums such as these as to why they will dis-regard the Switch and its games.

    Availability. This has changed from a side-issue that historically resulted in 'good press' into a giant carbuncle of pus that everybody who wants to talk about Nintendo thinks is relevant. If the Switch is 'over-stocked' (like the Wii U has been), expect to see the Nintendo section of your local games shop to cede even more space to the Pop-Vinyls. If it's 'under-stocked' then that's totally nothing to do with popularity. At all.

    Lastly, I want Nintendo to justify to me, someone who has owned all their gear at some point, that it can still excite me.

    I'm still getting Breath of the Wild on Wii U, for instance.

      I've always gone mainly PC with a Nintendo console once it drops in price and has a few games I want.
      That said, I probably haven't turned my Wii u on for a year, and it's likely to only play breath of the wild before collecting dust again. Given that, the switch has to work hard to get my purchase.

    I'm just curious to know how much playtime you'll get on an undocked Switch.

    Might pick one up on launch if it's the right price ($400 or under) and if there's at least four launch titles that interest me.

      That's the main thing I'm worried about, would like to use it the same way I use my 3DS now but with a large (seemingly HD) screen I imagine it'll be tearing through the battery pretty fast...

    Just to kick off the non-Ninty fans ... I'm preparing to be thoroughly underwhelmed. It might get -some- traction because of the novelty - Vanilla Wii style - but I'm going in with rock bottom expectations. I'll either have them met, or I'll be pleasantly surprised.

      For the Record: Expectations Met

    Give me some proper console Pokemon and Monster Hunter games and some meaty rpgs and I am sold.

    As it's a new console from Nintendo, and likely only around a piddling $400 bucks, I'm buying it anyway.

    Meaningful social and online functionality is critical IMO, not sure launch titles matter too much to me.
    In terms of announcements I'd love to hear:
    * Back catalog of Wii/DS games baked in.
    * AR functionality that could support a Pokemon Go title whilst switch is undocked!
    * Peripherals like a Wii fit board supported or developed etc
    * Meaningful engagement with 3rd party developers.
    * Mario Party, Pikmin, Yoshi platformer in development
    * Media capabilities
    I know I am dreaming :)

      * Back catalog of Wii/DS games baked in.

      How would it play DS games on the go with only one screen?

        The Wii U does DS games through the Virtual Console by putting the whole game on the touchscreen, but only half of the screen is interactive by touch. Probably like that. (If the Switch is indeed touch capable.)

    549 AUD. March 21st. 2 SKUs 128GB and 256GB. Netflix will be mentioned. Super Mario Switch World at launch. Zelda Breath of the Wild release date April 2017.

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      Interesting. Why do you say 549 and Zelda in April instead of day one?

        There's a rumour that Zelda will only be a launch title for Japan and the US due to "localisation issues".

        I'm praying to the video game gods that it's a filthy lie.

        Yeah I am thinking its going to be a little later for AU / NZ and even EU. US and JP first for Zelda. But maybe 30 days maximum.

        549 seems right for a new console these days. I want to be wrong and see it land somewhere near 379-450. But 549 is in my heart.

    After buying the Wii and Wii-U on day one, and being massively disappointed by both "consoles", I'm done with Nintendos gimmicks, when they release a proper console again, I'll probably get it, but as long as they're pushing these god awful gimmicks... I don't care anymore.

    Man the livestream is boring...I'll wait for the dot point summary.

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