You Will Never Look At The Resident Evil 7 Logo The Same

While the RE6 logo looked like a pink giraffe getting a blow job, the Resident Evil 7 logo looks like a confused bear.

[Image: Capcom Japan]

This was pointed out by Redditor SupJamChan, ruining yet another Resident Evil logo for all of us.

[Image: SupJamChan | Reddit]

Cannot unsee. Thanks, internet.


    Eh, that's a bit of a stretch. Otoh, I can't look at the RE6 logo the same now that you've pointed that one out...

      You haven't heard the RE6 one before?

        I apparently have a knack for ignoring games my brain deems uninteresting... and the RE franchise fell off my radar after playing RE5.

    Yeah sorry, not as good as the RE6 logo

      The fact they need to modify it so you can see it confirms that.

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