YouTuber Beats Final Fantasy 15 At Level One With No Items

YouTuber Beats Final Fantasy 15 At Level One With No Items

A determined player has beaten Final Fantasy 15 without gaining a single level or using items. YouTuber BOYvsVIDEOGAME played through the entire game with nothing other than his skills and obsessive perseverance to sustain him.

This isn’t the first time that BOYvsVIDEOGAME has completed a game under extreme conditions. He’s cleared Dragon Age: Inquisition solo on the Nightmare difficulty and slashed through Bloodborne without taking a single level. This time, he equips the nixperience band to avoid levelling up on his quest.

Through a mixture of warp strikes and a heavy preference for greatsword, BOYvsVIDEOGAME brute forces his way through some of the games toughest battles. In some cases, like the Aranea Highwind fight, his attacks are fast and furious enough to take down the boss in minutes. Other time, he’ll fight for close to an hour to take down a dangerous hunt target.

For such a demanding playthrough, the process seems pretty haphazard. Bloodborne is a game full of difficult dodging and perfectly timed attacks. Final Fantasy 15 proves to be a lot clumsier. BOYvsVIDEOGAME gets smacked around a lot, desperately working his way to victory over difficult enemies.

“The combat is, fucking, so stupid,” he says during a battle against a dangerous behemoth king. “Goofy combat.”

Still, for a game with goofy combat he manages to make it work and find optimal strategies. Using skills like Gladio’s Tempest, he’s able to get in position for sneaky back attacks. Ignis’ Overwhelm ability also allows for a considerable amount of damage and proves vital through the run. Using well timed pauses, he’s also able to slip through enemy hitboxes to occasionally avoid attacks.

It takes nine hours and 26 seconds for him to clear the main quest and reach the credits. A time that is still better than the near 30 hours I spent on my first playthrough. He accrues 266,566 points of experience that he never spends.

As the credits end and the game says “fin”, BOYvsVIDEOGAME offers a parting thought for his experiences.

“Fin? Fin?” he asks. “Not even that good of a story. You don’t deserve a fin.”


  • “The combat is, fucking, so stupid,” he says during a battle against a dangerous behemoth king. “Goofy combat.”
    “Not even that good of a story. You don’t deserve a fin.”

    I don’t know what game he was playing but it couldn’t have been FFXV.

    • Youtubers have to be all edgy to get views you see. Hating games is the latest fad. Never understood why people play games if they don’t like them.

    • To be fair, the story is delivered awfully. As much as I liked the game, I was shocked they dropped the ball on what is essentially the core of the franchise.

      I can get how people dislike the combat, I personally found it fun but demanding.
      So often I would revert to mashing my way through battles.
      Put in the effort and it’s one of the most beautiful action games I’ve played in a while.

      Considering the similarities to the base Kingdom Hearts system, I was a little surprised it came off so clunky, the new engine I guess.

      • What made the story delivery awful and the action clunky? I never picked up on any of that in both my playthroughs of the game.

        • Because additional media is required for context and world building for starters.
          SE stated the content complimented the game and each other, but weren’t essential to the game story.

          I went in without watching Kingsglaive or Brotherhood and am well aware that both contribute the lions share of the games depth.
          It’s been pointed out by player and media alike..
          “Oh no no, you have to watch those!!”

          Now I’m not saying this is essentially a bad thing, trying new things was clearly a priority in the game and it shows in more of the positive aspects than the negative.
          Im talking about a franchise which, even when the story fell apart, was a solid and cohesive world, contained within an experience.

          I’m happy for SE to add more to the game, look forward to it.
          But it’s strange, playing the games all these years and seeing the first FF that is really a product of the industry than of the franchise itself.
          It’s downright weird at times, dare I say Early Access FF?

          As for combat, I should have led with Kingdom Hearts. XV has roots in KH’s combat system, simple, showy and room for expert play.
          Comparatively it is clunky for a number of reasons, some I even respect, like the jump from cartoon to higher levels of realism and a new engine.
          I do like it though, true to my word that the Armiger brings a little smile to my face every time and a grin ear to ear when I drop a summon.

  • The screen shot says 58:34:08 is this not the time? The article says 9 hours.

    It’s pretty impressive what people can do with self imposed restrictions. It would be cool if games included these kinds of challenges as actual game modes or options, and put more end-game stuff for the obsessive. Souls games lend themselves to this kind of thing. The end-game content for dark souls 3 was incredibly lazy and absent. At least bloodborne had the dungeons (love em or hate em)

  • How can you level 1 the game? I thought you get exp from finishing main quests, and chapter ends would tally them up for you automatically?

  • I will definitely agree the combat is goofy. I enjoy it, but sometimes something happens that reminds me that it ain’t no Souls game. Enemies hitting me through a dodge, the lock-on constantly switching from my current focus, a daemon that permanently used its black hole attack on my group… yup, lots of bullshit.
    Still enjoying it and haven’t finished it yet.

  • The combat was fucking horrible. I was hoping it would grow on me but it never did. I hated it all the way to the end of the game and didnt bother doing to much extra because of it. Damn shame because everything else about the game exceeded my expectations.

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