Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Will Be A Switch Launch Title

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be out on March 3, Nintendo just announced at its big Switch release show, making it a launch title for the new console. Nintendo also showed off a big trailer for the game that looked shit hot.


    Yeah boi.

    Seriously though, it was always going to be. Where's the other launch titles?

      Agreed. Cool to see, but everyone expected it to be a launch title. Meanwhile, no news of anything else exciting enough to make it worth buying for the first 6 months

      So far it looks like it's just Zelda and that 1-2 Switch game. Which is probably the smallest launch line-up in video game history. Zelda's all I need for at least the first month though.

      1-2 Switch, Arms, Splatoon 2 and I think Skylanders were also mentioned as launch titles.

      Still a pretty average launch if that is it.

      Personally, I think I'll wait for a Mario Odyssey bundle.

        According to what I've seen Spaltoon 2 and Arms aren't due until Q2, which is April - June.

          Waiting until April for Splatoon won't be excruciating. It's the time between that and Christmas when Mario Odyssey drops that needs to be filled in.

          I think Gamecube had a similarly small launch line up? Luigi's Mansion and a Wave Race game from memory? I recall early days were pretty barren, but it turned out to be a fantastic little console with great exclusives.

    You need to correct the title, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is THE Switch Launch Title

    That snow fox is so darn cute!!!!
    It'll take a while to digest all this info but at this stage in the rosy afterglow I'm very happy

    Launching the same day on the Wii U though as well so it might not drive sales of the Switch. I will likely play it on Wii U first.

      Don't recall them saying that it'd be released on the same day for Wii U. My guess is it'll be exclusive to the Switch for a little while to try and force Wii U users to upgrade.

        A few sites reporting that it will be launched on both consoles in March. But yes, having it an exclusive would make more sense from a sales perspective. Like I said, if it launches on the Wii U at the same time, I won't be racing out to buy the Switch holding off at least until Christmas.

        Man, I hope that's not the case. It won't force me to buy a Switch, it'll just give me the shits.

    Looks like its got a similar plot to Horizons Zero Dawn

    It kinda had to be right? I wonder if they would've delayed the launch of the Switch if Zelda was delayed? That would be unprecedented but if a console has ever hinged on a single launch title it was this.

    I take back all my apprehensions, I am maximum hype!

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