3D Models Of Famous TV Show Sets

I had never wanted video game versions of The Office or The IT Crowd. Now that I've seen these 3D recreations of those (and other famous) show's sets, though, I'm coming around. Maybe something like The Sims, or Game Dev Story, or Theme Hospital...

These models were made by Drawbotics, and in addition to the shows listed above there are also plans for sets from Parks & Rec, Suits, Mad Men, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Silicon Valley.

I'm guessing Rick & Morty must be coming. Right in time for *urgh* season *hngh* three.


    Oh WHAt? That's where the staircase is in The Office?
    I always thought it was somewhere past the elevator.

      Eh, I'd take The Office one with a grain of salt, there's quite a few inaccuracies in it.

      The bathrooms [the stalls in particular] are completely wrong, Ryan's "office" is weird/non-existant and Jim/Darryl's office is also missing, which suggests it's taken from earlier in the show's run [They also are missing the locker-room through the door next to accounting which the doco crew is shown to be using near the end of S9].

      As for the staircase, I'm not entirely sure their layout is accurate, as in the show there is another door leading into that space at the top opposite the lunch room.

    I had never wanted video game versions of ....The IT Crowd

    What? You never watched the 8/16 bit video game DVD menus and wanted to play them? :-0

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