90 Minutes Of Hideo Kojima Talking At RTX Sydney

90 Minutes Of Hideo Kojima Talking At RTX Sydney

Hideo Kojima recently visited Australia to attend RTX Sydney.

He also took part in a couple of panels, including this one, a ‘definitive interview’ with Greg Miller from Pretty Funny Games.

It’s a 90 minute, tell-all interview with the man himself and I recommend watching it.

Worth noting: Hideo Kojima has a really good translator. Normally these things can be pretty difficult to watch, but this is actually pretty well put together.


  • I kind of want to watch and see captioned in english a natural japanese conversation with Kojima, the translation are awesome in his many interviews but seems stifling.

    Or the opposite way he should go Full Chorus like in Star Trek… multiple translators this is my translator who only talks Death Stranding (mysterious quiet puzzling) and this is my translator that only speaks about Konami (a very angry game nerd)

  • What a terrible crowd. What kind of applause is that?

    It’s nice to see him travelling more and doing more interviews. See him excited about his work and not having to hold back so much.

  • Can we get 90 minutes from an original, progressive developer? I like Metal Gear but Kojima only seems interested in boosting his massive ego of late. His new IP is ridiculously over-hyped.

  • I have to assume that “Pretty funny games” is a joke ……. I guess
    If it is then …. well you really have no right to judge anybody else’s level of funny
    If it isn’t… Jesus, “Kinda Funny” is in the thumb nail

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