A Tribute To Good Game Pocket

Image: Youtube

In the wake of the ABC's decision to cancel Good Game and all of its associated programming besides Spawn Point, fans have been paying in various ways. And today is one of the sweetest: a video montage of some of the best moments from Good Game Pocket.

Hosted by Nich "Nichboy" Richardson, who is leaving the ABC to host a new show with Hex on Channel Seven, Good Game Pocket was Good Game's entry into native online content. It was a daily show that covered the full gamut of topics in the gaming sphere, and also allowed new faces to emerge, including Michael "Hingers" Hing and including Angharad "Rad" Yeo.

Farewell Pocket, and thanks for all the memories. Your contribution to Good Game, and the Australian scene, will be sorely missed.


    Pocket was exactly the kind of content ABC should have been expanding. A lot of gamers have switched to getting their information online, and this was a great experiment in that sphere. Other interest groups could have followed a similar template. It seemed relatively cheap to produce.

      My thoughts exactly. Pocket was a great show and it's disappointing that it was cancelled. The show seemed very good value to the taxpayer.

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