A Very Australian Review Of Australia In Civilization 6

Bloody oath, strewth, flaming galah. This is a true blue Aussie review of Civilization 6 and its new rippa Aussie DLC.

It's very good.

DEUS VOLT you have my eternal thanks for this insightful, relevant and relatable review that comes at this new DLC pack from the Australian perspective.


    How did Steve Urwin get access to Steam?!

      The stingray had nbn (before me, like everyone else), and Steve lawnmower-manned out at the last moment.

    I love how you can tell this guy is from Melbourne because he's drinking VB.

      The bloke is also a collingwood supporter because he doesnt understand what a sentence is.

        Just from profiling, can you tell if he's a Ford or a Holden man?

          Probably a Ford guy. Not enough fighting in the tale for a Holden supporter.

            Hmmm, reckon he's got a holden. The reasoning behind this is he drove from his house, the local shopping centre, then to the pub, and then back home with no mention of a breakdown. Also he has a Mrs.

            Holden yob would be drinking Beam anyway

    Oh yeah I forgot to buy this. This is the first Civ game I've played and actually enjoyed. (my friend kept trying to get me to play them)

    lo dear oh dear

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