Account Snafu Might Explain Why Pokemon Players Keep Failing Global Missions

For months now, we've seen people repeatedly fail Pokemon Sun and Moon's Global Missions, the community missions that net players rewards if they reach certain gameplay goals. Turns out, many players can't even register and log in to Pokemon Global Link, the online service which logs their progress in Global Missions, something that would explain why the online quests are faring so poorly.

In order to sync your game progress online, you need a Pokemon Trainer Account, which will then give you access to the Pokemon Global Link. Players are still able to sign up for and access Trainer Accounts, but when you take that log in info to the website for the Pokemon Global Link, the page refreshes instead of logging you in. I attempted to register and log in last night and was unable to, the page refreshing instead of allowing me access to the Global Link. This problem is only affecting players newly registering accounts, leaving them unable to join their peers in Global Missions, as well as redeem mission rewards and register their Pokemon.

Players have noticed this problem for at least the past month, and have received little help by sending in support tickets, the saga documented in a now 31 page GameFaqs thread.

Some players were told by support to add their name to their Pokemon Trainer Account and set their PGL settings to "Nobody", but that solution doesn't help everyone. Even after adding my name and changing my PGL settings, I was unable to log in this morning. I contacted the Pokemon Company regarding the issue but they did not respond in time for publication.

This makes the current Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon difficult to complete, to say the least. The mission, which began January 30 and will end on February 14, is to complete one million trades, using the Global Link website to sync your progress. Good luck, trainers.

Thanks for the tip, John.


    The use of a website registration I found to be particularly convoluted. I don't remember the game telling me the website either, maybe I missed but I had to make use of the google to find out exactly how to register. I got there in the end but yikes.

    Terrible, convoluted and moronic online requirements from Nintendo?

    Colour me shocked....

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