AMD’s Going To Have A Busy First Half Of 2017

AMD’s Going To Have A Busy First Half Of 2017
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In an earnings call with investors, the chief executive of AMD has confirmed that the manufacturer is going to have a chockers first half of the year, confirming the launch windows for their upcoming Ryzen CPU and top-tier Vega graphics cards.

Let’s start with Ryzen. According to AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call, the new CPU would be coming out in “Early March”. That in line with our expectations, following a panel description that inadvertently revealed the CPU would be “recently launched” around the time of the Game Developers Conference.

PC World, which was on the earnings call, also reported that the company’s Vega GPUs would ship during the second quarter of this year. That will be followed by a Zen-based APU called “Raven Ridge”, a product aimed at lower-end desktops and notebooks.

Interestingly, we won’t be seeing Ryzen-based offerings from major vendors straight away. Dr Su said that boutique vendors would be getting Ryzen first, with more traditional manufacturers getting their hands on the CPU afterwards. The second and third iterations of the Zen architecture, meanwhile, are also being developed under a 7nm process.

The confirmation also came the same day that AMD revealed its financials, which were better but still in the red. The company posted a net loss of around $655 million ($US497m), down from just over $870 million ($US660m) the year prior. Revenues jumped to $5.62 billion ($US4.27bn) for the year, up from $5.25 billion ($US3.99bn).


  • I am so hype for this. If Ryzen can at least keep pace with Intel, and be cheaper – I’ll be all over it. Miss the AMD glory days, and Intel needs a competitor again. Even if you hate AMD, competition improves the breed, better for everyone.

      • For sure! I’m more keen on the CPU game resuming, considering AMD has been dead in the water on that front for years, but if the GPU game steps up again that’d be ace too. Still using my R9 290X which has been the best bang-for-buck card I’ve owned, hands down.

  • I’m excited, 8 cores + HT would give a nice match to the current 8 core console CPU’s, and of which more games will be ported more directly from now we have DX12 & Vulkan. The HT is more so there’s some spare threads for my linux distro if a game is using all 8 threads in my vm > <.

    • Amd won’t have hyper threading.
      Unless intel suddenly decided to let amd license their proprietary product.

          • I Google because I use Google.
            As I vacuum because I have a vacuum.
            Like when I ask for a can of coke, I expect a can of coke. Not a Pepsi.

            Your original post though leaves me baffled. You seem to talk as if each individual multithread is an additional core. Which is no where near what it actually is.
            A multithread is a hardware ability to add additional threads from another cpu function in between idle time of other threads running. Not true paralleling. Software such as os’s report multithread capable cores as additional hardware cores even though they aren’t.
            If you were allocating 8 cores to your vm what is running your os?
            Or are you software simulating cores and memory allocation.
            Rather than by hardware with NX bit and VT-X as in intel cores.
            If that is the case. Changing your vm configuration would give more gains then the, depending on application 30% boost multithreading will.

          • As you are well and truly aware, SMT gives a good 25% extra performance on highly MT tasks. The nice thing is in my scenario, I can rely on SMT fall threads to run my VM in the background without generally impacting the 8 threads assigned to my VM.

            But I’m out, all you are doing is trying to pick a fight by creating divisions when none exist.

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