At Least Ghost In The Shell’s Geisha Robots Look Great

At Least Ghost In The Shell’s Geisha Robots Look Great

The action in the latest Ghost in the Shell trailers have a bit of that “this could be really, really terrible” quality, but hot damn they nailed the geisha robots.

We haven’t got specifics of the Ghost in the Shell plot just yet. But according to the latest teaser during today’s Super Bowl, and the most recent TV spot, it looks like it’ll be borrowing the plot from the first episode of the Stand Alone Complex TV series.

In the opening SAC episode, Section 9 and the Major were called in to resolve a crisis after some politicians and foreign dignitaries were taken hostage by geisha robots. Whether that arc’s is replicated entirely the film isn’t known. The parts where flesh is pulled away to reveal the underlying robotics look pretty good, mind you, which makes up for how cheesy Batou looks.

If you want to get a longer slice of the action, below is Ghost in the Shell‘s near 3-minute length TV spot. It gives you a better idea of what to expect: a lot of Matrix-esque slow-motion action shots and a better idea of how Scarlett Johansson is approaching the Major.

I’m still really sceptical about this. But Ghost in the Shell is also probably my favourite anime of all time, so I’ll end up seeing it anyway. Who’s with me?


    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to it – I’m just not expecting it to be any good. Hollywood and live-action anime are not two things that are made to mix.

      • Don’t worry if it’s going to be bad we’ve at least got the live action full metal alchemist movie to look forward to…

      • I get that. I’m riding the caboose on the hype-train for this one. I’ve been burnt before and find that if I temper my expectations, I’m usually pleasantly surprised.

        I don’t really care about all the “whitewashing” comments that have been going on with the GitS movie. TBH, the characters in the anime look very western anyway and I think Scarlet Johansonn looks perfect for the role of Major (kind of like how RDJ is Tony Stark and Benedict Cumberbatch makes a perfect Doc Strange (when I can get past the accent)). All the visuals for GitS feel right so far.

        Fingers crossed!

  • with the villain being Kuze I imagine it would lean heavily onto 2nd Gig. unless they take the name and nothing else which would just be odd (imo)

    regardless I imagine the movie will be visually awesome but with a horribly executed plot. kind of like Warcraft, which I personally enjoyed, but some of my friends who aren’t 15+ years deep into the lore found rushed and confusing

    • It’s a real shame, because the arc of the first season (cyberisation, Laughing Man, political intrigue) is probably more fitting for the current day than the guerrilla warfare/smuggling of nukes/refugee rogue state.

      • I feel like the guerrilla warfare/smuggling of nukes/refugee rogue state is something that might be easier to put into a 2 hour movie.

        The arc of the first season might be more suited to a live action series, which is kinda pointless really (but im sure that wouldnt stop hollywood)

      • The main story for 2nd Gig was anchored by the dehumanisation and mistreatment of refugees, it seems pretty fitting to me.

          • have you seen Arise and did you enjoy it?

            I think there’s even more action in that which I must admit seems to be the overall trend for Anime these days

            although I must admit this is post me going full nostalgic and digging up Anime I watched in the 90s haha

  • At least it looks and sounds right. I just think there is too much going on. I am thinking I would rather just revist my GiTS dvds.

  • I will watch it for the colour and movement, then if there is a serving of good movie piled on top it will be the cream.

  • I’m happy that America is producing it and not Japan.

    Being live action, this movie is going to be chock-full of CGI, and Japan’s CGI just doesn’t blend well with reality.

  • Interested yes, but really concerned about the action in the teasers, there is an action cut every 2 seconds… if thats just the trailer fine. The first trailer has 6 seconds of action with 3 cuts for a single fight move… that recreation of the classic optic camoflage fight was so off putting that with the amount of special effects and combat training they couldnt get a continous combat fight without a cut is ridiculuous, hope its crisp and clean in the post production.

    No more multi cuts, jump cuts or shakey cams.

    • His lenses. In the anime they looked like glasses. In reality? Fuckin weird.

      In all fairness, I checked how they looked in the first film the moment I saw the trailer, and I have NO idea how to make those lenses appear rooted in our reality. Except maybe dropping them together. Or giving him similar glasses. Or making the technology more “internal”, maybe…?

      • technically they are cybernetic eyes. i think the problem with the film depiction so far is that it looks like 2 coins tapped over the eyes as opposed to a more “natural” sunken look

        using this as reference image for example

        on one hand it kind of makes sense because you’re not exactly going to gouge out the actor’s eye to implement full cybernetics and using contacts just doesn’t work… on the other hand it looks stupid and odd (imo)

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