Atari Does A Nintendo Classic Mini NES With The Atari Flashback

Atari Does A Nintendo Classic Mini NES With The Atari Flashback

Taking a cue from Nintendo’s book, Atari has released a “classic” game console called the Flashback 7 that will ship with 101 in-built games.

Available online for $89 at Target and $99 from JB Hi-Fi, the console will come with two wireless controllers shaped like the originals for the Atari 2600. (If you’ve got original Atari 2600 peripherals lying around, they’ll work too.)

There’s two legacy ports as well if you want to hook up two more controllers. Batteries aren’t included, but most people probably won’t mind much given that you get Breakout, Asteroids, Combat, Centipede,, Championship Soccer, Space Invaders, Missile Command, Street Racer, Warlords, Crystal Castles, Indy 500, Frogger and just about every good Atari game from that era for under $100.


  • Taking a cue? It came out way before the NES Mini did. They’ve been making them since 2004. Nice research there buddy

    • Yep – the “7” in the name “Flashback 7” is a good indication that there may have been six previous iterations.
      I bought my Flashback about 4 years ago…

  • The difference here is that very few Atari games have actually stood the test of time & are still worth playing.

  • might not be “new” but it was new to me and my wife – so she went out at lunch to buy it and the sega mega drive one as well – already have the nintendo – now just to get it all plugged into the same tv… at least these came with wireless controls unlike the nintendo wierd supershort cords..

    • I think this is the point. Even Atari would be downplaying that they’ve been at it for ages. It’s the exciting new toy, not the sequel to a device none of us cared about.

  • Seriously? It’s like it would’ve only taken 5 seconds on Google to see the flashback consoles have been around for over 10 years, not to mention there are other other mini retro consoles for Intellivision, ColecoVision and Sega. There are also handhelds for Atari and Sega.

  • They’ve been making these and the Sega ones for years now but still can’t see the importance of an HDMI port. AV cables should never ever be used on an LCD TV

  • Dunno about this Atari one but the same company make the the Mega Drive one and it sucks!!! The emulation on Sonic the Hedgehog is terrible!! The music (one of the best parts of Sonic) is actually slow playing compared to the original, likewise a lot of the sounds are way off and just sound bad (due to the fact they can’t emulate the Yamaha sound chip from the original MD). There are 80 games but really over half of those are some cheap no name non sega games.
    The wireless controllers it comes with are IR and are pretty bad, but you can plug in your originals if you have them.
    Oh it’s also RCA only, no HDMI at all.

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