Aussie Compares Forza Horizon 3 To Real Life With Tour Of The Great Ocean Road

Aussie Compares Forza Horizon 3 To Real Life With Tour Of The Great Ocean Road

It’s neat when developers go to great lengths to replicate real places in their games, though when it comes to Australia, those situations are few and far between. The most notable case in recent times is Forza Horizon 3 and its, uh, interpretation of the Great Ocean Road. If you’ve been waiting for a detailed comparison of the game’s digital locales and how they match reality, Aussie YouTuber “Toddlez” has exactly what you need.

The first part of the episode provides two lessons — one in history and the other in geography. As we pointed out last year when the game was released, the developers were confused as to where Byron Bay is in relation to Apollo Bay… or pretty much anywhere in Victoria or NSW.

Toddlez also highlight this use of creative license, though he reasons that Byron Bay is more well-known internationally than, say, Lorne.

There’s also a section on the road’s WWI memorial arch and what it represents, something I had no idea about.

The clip spends the rest of its eight-minute running showing off cars Toddlez spotted on his drive and comparing them to their Forza counterparts.

Apparently this is just one in a series of planned videos. His channel is fairly new, so if you found the video interesting, be sure to subscribe.

Forza IRL Episode One: The Great Ocean Road [YouTube]


  • – Roads are too wide.
    – A great deal of houses aren’t exactly Australian. (i.e. American styled windows and patio)
    – Lack of foot paths in many suburban areas.
    – The sheds are all wrong.

  • The only real life location I could identify was the Q1 building in Surfers. (Because its one of the few places I’ve seen)

    I was surprised to see it was fairly accurate on the ground level, down to the surrounding shop buildings (shape, not name)

    • that’s cause it’s the array at Narrabri, not the dish at Parkes. I wonder why they didn’t call it by its correct name in the game.

  • I never expected much in the game to be anywhere near a completely authentic representation of their real life counterparts. But I still found the Great Ocean Rd to be very disappointing. The only section of it in the game that felt like a proper coastal road was a bridge set out above the ocean, whereas in real life there is no such section of the road. They nailed the Apostles however.

    Even though it never aimed for complete authenticity of the areas, they still did a great job of replicating the feel of the regions.

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