Australia's Coming To Civilization 6

There's digger corps, the capital is Canberra and our leader is John Curtin.

That's right: earlier this morning, 2K and Firaxis announced that Australia was being added as a playable faction. It's the next DLC pack for the game, but all users will also be getting a patch called the "Australian Summer" update "soon", which will add modding tools, multiplayer team functionality and Steam Workshop integration.

"Steam Workshop will allow you to browse, add, and subscribe to mods more easily, and the other tools will make it easier for artists and modders to express their creativity within the game," Firaxis said. "With the update to multiplayer you will be able to team up with your friends to conquer the world together against AI or human opponents."

As for the Australians, their unique improvement - no, really - is the "Outback Station":

Bit surprising Menzies wasn't chosen, given he was Australia's longest serving Prime Minister. In any case, we'll get to see how the Aussies stack up in Civilization "soon". Which could be a matter of days, a week, or more. (But probably about a week or so.)


    Canberra - Nothing is being produced...

    Seems about right

    Harold Holt as our Great Leader. Disappears into water tiles.

      Activate him on a shoreline tile to gain one submarine.

        Dammit I should have thought of that! LOL well played sir!

      Ah you made me actually lol for a solid 5 minutes. Still smile when I read it. Thank you.

    Curtin is much more suited than Menzies, really. The real wartime leader, which fits with a lot of the other civs.

    There was a great fan made one for Civ V that had Henry Parkes as leader, he'd be well suited as the sort of "founding father" type.

    If Turnbull was the leader the special building would be clean coal power generator, which would take forever to build and be outdated once complete.

      Yep, Menzies vs Curtin is like arguing for Thatcher over Churchill. I sort of see the point, but no way.

      If Turbull was the leader, the benefit of the special building only applies to the leader's house...

        I still remember reading about the sinkhole that opened up near Turnbull's house in Sydney. My first thought was "Dammit. Missed."

      If only John Monash had run for office at some point.

        He should be our great general.

          As one of the best battlefield commanders of WW1, he absolutely should be.

            Huh, apparently he's already in the game

              Yeah, I've got him plenty of times, I surprised nobody knew. But they need to add some of our great scientists and explorers/merchants.

                I haven't picked Civ VI up yet.

                Would love John Macdouall Stuart or Charles Sturt as an explorer. Great Merchant? Probably someone like Rupert Murdoch (Yeah, I know people find him distasteful, but his success can't be denied).

                Great Scientist? Maybe the Braggs, or Ian Clunies Ross.

                David Unaipon, Miles Franklin, Joan Sutherland as great artists.

    Surely our unique improvement would be the NBN? Takes 2 centuries to build and provides no benefit

      Beat me to this joke. It also decreases Amenities while is being built.

    wonder if they can work the 'Australia Tax' in too.

      Australia Tax: Trade routes generate 10% less income for no readily apparent reason

    What about the other civilisation that has lived in Australia for 50,000 but has no mention in this civilisation.

      It'd have been sweet had they released a pack containing both Aus civs - Much like they've often done with the US.

    "...Australia can grow large without having to make extra investment into housing."
    Sounds about right >.

    "Construction of military units is 25% slower"

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