Australia’s Gaming Industry Generated Almost $3 Billion In Revenue Last Year

Australia’s Gaming Industry Generated Almost $3 Billion In Revenue Last Year
Image: IGEA/Telsyte

Thanks to the continued growth in digital sales, the size of Australia’s video game industry generated $2.958 billion in revenue last year – a 4% increase from 2016.

The figures were released by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association earlier this morning, which also revealed that digital sales of video games generated $1.893 billion last year. That’s a substantial chunk larger than retail sales, which fell by 16% to $1.065 billion.

The retail picture wasn’t all gloom though: sales of accessories for the PS4 and Xbox One rose by 25% last year. But the fastest growing segment, according to the IGEA and analysts Telsyte, was DLC. Sales of DLC rose 31% from the previous year, although the association didn’t release specific revenue figures for that category.

“Australian consumers are increasingly comfortable buying games and DLC via digital storefronts, with this trend set to continue as more devices get connected via high speed mobile and fixed networks,” Telsyte’s Foad Fadaghi said.

They did produce a handy infographic outlining the percentage change and total revenue for various segments. It shows how console software and hardware is faring, as well as a 23% increase in revenue for digital subscriptions like Xbox Live and PS+.

Not included in the infographic was an interesting stat – titles rated MA15+ sold more than any other classification in Australia, reflecting the increasing average age of gamers down under.


  • How good are those numbers since Steam doesnt release sales figures?
    And what percentage of that revenue is “Australian Tax”?

    • I’d imagine they use something that uses a similar mechanic to Steam Spy, but with a filter for nationality, unless they have been given the figures directly by Steam with some significant strings attached regarding usage.

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