Battlefield 1's Winter Update Adds Ribbons, Increases Class Level Cap

Numerous changes are coming to Battlefield 1 as part of a winter update. Alongside the expansion pack They Shall Not Pass, the game will see changes to class rankings and the addition of combat ribbons.

In a blog post today, the Battlefield 1 team outlined some new additions that will come in the game's winter update. Chief among these are combat ribbons. In previous titles, ribbons were in-game commendations given to players for completing certain tasks in a round.

By killing enemies with a specific weapon type or completing objectives, players could earn extra experience. Adding them to Battlefield 1 should encourage people to play the goddamn objective and make up for the less-than-stellar medal system. Expansion to class ranks from a max rank of 10 to 50 will also drive players to focus on their roles. I need competent medics who revive, dang it!

Additionally, more information is getting revealed about the new expansion They Shall Not Pass, which focuses on the French army. jackfrags has outlined the history of the new guns which include the bizarre looking Chauchat light machine gun and its moon shaped magazine.

They Shall Not Pass will add new operations and a new elite class: The Trench Raider. With the winter update adding more incentives for squad play and They Shall Not Pass adding new fronts, Battlefield 1 is off to a strong start in 2017.


    The Update has also broken the end of round screen for me(PC). Doesn't show the users Avatars anymore and the Battle pack drop has disappeared. I also read last night that there was supposed to be map voting enabled as well but that hasn't shown up *Edit, just found out the map voting is only for rented servers.

    Last edited 15/02/17 4:22 pm

      uhuh.. totally broken and rushed update. Already ranked up to level 11 and the endgame screen still had broken code dislaying to the screen eg. Get [[kills]] [[stat]] as Scout

      Ribbons are a bit dumb in the fact that I've already earned 10/20 ribbons in about three matches on conquest. Which means, every 20min match on conquest, I earn about 5-7 ribbons which is gonna bump my xp so I can rank up faster. *facepalm*

    Awesome, now instead of 7 class ranks where you don't unlock any more real content there are 47?

      Not wrong, someone really dropped the ball on the progression syst. Class ranks 1-3 you unlock 3/4 of the guns and then you have to grind all the way to 10 to get the last gun. I can't work out what they were thinking....

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