Battlestar Galactica's Captain Apollo Has Passed Away

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Richard Hatch, best known for starring as Captain Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica, has passed away at the age of 71.

Hatch, who starred as Captain Apollo in the original BSG series, as well as Tom Zarek in the 2004 remake, passed away from pancreatic cancer. Hatch was starring in a Star Trek fan project shortly before his death, and producer Alec Peters wrote on Facebook that Hatch was "comforted by the fact that his son would be taken care of".

On his website, Hatch described Battlestar Galactica as a "milestone" and an "opportunity to live out my childhood dreams and fantasies". "Hurtling through space with reckless abandon, playing the dashing hero, battling Cylons, monsters and super-villains - what more could a man want," he wrote.

Hatch is survived by his son, Paul.


    Thank you, one of the only posted article to include the fact he was in both Battle stars.
    Watched him in both on TV on there first runs.

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