Boy Uses Dragon Ball Z To Survive Bee Attack 

An 11-year-old boy in Phoenix ended up in intensive care after being stung by 400 bees. He says he got through that terrible attack by channelling Vegeta.

[Image via Immortal]

According to Gila Valley Central, Andrew Kunz and a friend were shooting BB guns at an old rusted car. A colony of bees had taken up residence inside the vehicle, and inadvertently, it seems as though the sound of the pellets hitting metal pissed them off. Royally.

Local news reports that during the swarm, all Kunz could think to do was use "Full Force Power", a power-up from his favourite anime, Dragon Ball Z.

"I'm Andrew, but you can call me Vegeta," the boy told a reporter. Heck, after surviving something as horrific as that, this kid can be called anything he likes.

WJDB Radio reports that, thankfully, Kunz is on his way to recovery and should be back in school soon. Good to hear.


    Africanised bees are such arsehats! They're one of our most idiotic creations.

    Time for a Dragonball Super cameo ;)

    I'd just call him a bloody idiot who deserved it and stop saying your somethibg your clearly not. Guess there is nothing good to report on

    "his favourite cartoon 'Dragon ball sees'" How disconnected must you be from the Internet to never have seen that it's a 'Z'?

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