Bring On The Horizon: Zero Dawn Cosplay

So, turns out Horizon: Zero Dawn, despite its stupid name, is a good video game. A very good video game. Which means we can expect 2017 to be a year full of Horizon: Zero Dawn cosplay.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Kotaku Review

For years now, the latest console generation has been coasting on the idea that more raw power means better games. The PS4's newest exclusive, Horizon. Zero Dawn, is the rare game that delivers on that promise.

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Fine by me. The game's star, Aloy, looks great, with her mix of ancient hunting gear, sci-fi relics and Celtic warrior gear, so the more cosplay the better.

Cosplay by illyne, photos by Micheal Dominguez.


    ...but please, no fatties.

      You went there. Why did you go there...?
      Is it a reference to something?

        Just a reference to Kotaku writers wanting increased representation of diverse body types (among other noble causes), yet I find myself being disappointed by the distinct lack of more voluptuous cosplayers in their cosplay galleries.

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