British Father Visits Korean Net Cafe, Plays Overwatch For The First Time 

Henry is "hopeless" at games. So YouTuber Josh decided to take this English gentleman to an internet cafe and have him play Overwatch.

[GIF via Korean Englishman]

Even if he's not too keen about killing people and worries about spilling food on the keyboard, Henry is a great sport and better than you'd expect.

It's fun to see Henry get surprised to learn that there are Overwatch pros and go to watch an esports match, which he seems to have enjoyed. 

You can check out more on Josh and Ollie's YouTube Channel Korean Englishman. In case you are wondering, Henry is Ollie's dad.

[Thanks, Sang!]


    Haha, this is great!!

    It's always refreshing to see someone's else's perspective (especially those who grew up without any video games!)

    Reminds me of my Dad (and makes me miss him!), he always used to think games were silly until he found out they made flight sims - then he was hooked! He used to say "can you bring up that youtube and some jet flybys?"

    Ahhhhhh, good to see a spotlight for Korean Englishman's channel on here. His channels great for a laugh and to look a bit more into Korean culture and food... Especially the food! Except Fermented Stingray... F*ck that on so many levels.

    I've had so much Korean BBQ and other food in this last year... Perks of having a Korean partner.

    Thanks for introducing me to this.

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