Celebrate Pokemon Day With These New Gallery Figures

Celebrate Pokemon Day With These New Gallery Figures

Today is Pokemon Day in Europe and the United States, commemorating the 1996 release date of the first two Pokemon games in Japan. The Pokemon Company is marking the occasion with the release of the first four entries in its premium Gallery Figures line, showing off fan-favourite pocket monsters performing their signature moves.

Obviously crafted for collectors, the Gallery Figures come in lovely window boxes, perfect for people who would prefer to let their toys slowly suffocate to death than ever feel the warmth of human contact. And while they look great in their boxes, they look even better in the open.

Eevee rides it’s signature “The More You Know” meme stars into battle, teaching us an important lesson about friendship.

Magikarp just does the best it can. Look at that lil guy. He tries so hard.

Mew brings those pink squigglies.

And I am not sure Pikachu has ever looked quite so badass in toy form.

While Tomy handles a lot of Pokemon toys in North America, the Gallery Figure line is The Pokemon Company’s baby. Pikachu, Eevee, Mew and Magikarp will be available exclusively through The Pokemon Center on February 27 for $US16.99 ($22) apiece.