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It's time to play everyone's favourite game, where you enter your address into the NBN checker only to get thoroughly depressed.

The only reason to play this miserable game yet again is because the NBN has updated its online "address checker". Previously it would give you a rough date as to when your home or business would be connected to the NBN, but now it lets you know what technology will be connecting you to the NBN, and when you can chat to a retailer to get online.

John Simon, chief customer officer for NBN Co, said in a statement that "we have moved away from telling people when we'll be building in their neighbourhood to when they can contact their retailer to buy a service". It makes sense: finding out that the NBN is under construction in your area only leads to a lot of wasted calls and emails to retailers, which is a bit of a waste of time (and anxiety).

"As the nature of the rollout requires a certain level of flexibility, nbn will continue to refresh the website to reflect any changes with the rollout," the statement added.

If you want to check your own address, you can do so here. As for myself...

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    Planned availability: Oct-Dec 2017*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Fibre to the node (FTTN)*. yay......

      Ouch. Sucks to be you. I've got HFC but it's been delivering me consistent 100/40 speeds.

        So you find the HFC version of NBN alright? Just found out that my area is getting it in the first half of next year. I've done some research and heard horror stories about the experience people have had on these networks previously (eg. speeds dropping to <1Mbps when there are a lot of houses in the street using it at once). I'm guessing (hoping) that the NBN is doing some kind of significant upgrade as part of the rollout?

        Either that or you're just lucky :P

        Have you confirmed the 40 Mbps upload speeds with speedtest? From what I've seen thats the biggest negative to HFC, where it cant consistently deliver on the upload.

        Still, nice to be getting the 100 Mbps download, others I know have grumbled plenty about that as well.

          It usually reports ~96/35

            Cheers dude, I hear conflicting reports with the upload on HFC. Some areas are shite, others are roughly the same as FttP. Sounds like yours is the latter.

        cant be worse then what i get now at 5/0.8ish

      I've got FTTP in my place but if i type my address in it says it's 'in planning'. The map is... pretty unreliable.

    Planned availability: Apr-Jun 2017*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*.

      This is my status exactly, too. Sydney inner west.

        Yep me too.

        Puts me in 2 minds because my ADSL is getting 0.5Mbs download at the moment which a technician is coming out for tomorrow.

        I was about to jump to cable, but now i'll just hold out.... I think

          You're probably closer to me than either of us realise, I've had massive ADSL speed degradation too, though not nearly as bad as yours. I'm 300 metres from the exchange, previously synced at 19.5Mbps but now can only sync at 11Mbps in high stability profile mode and even then it still drops out.

          Evidently the copper around the Newtown exchange is garbage, so maybe (hopefully) it's a good thing that we're looking at HFC rather than FTTN.

    Planned availability: ha. hahaha. hahahahaha
    Planned technology: probably smoke signals

      I bet that would be quicker than what the nbn is currently.

    Planned availability: Jun 2017*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Fibre to the node (FTTN)*.

    any idea if theres a way to know where the nodes will be placed?

      Unless you know someone who works in the NBN or Telstra design / planning area, then no. Ideally it should be within 1km from you and most likely close by to whatever pillar your copper comes from.

    Got the same results as you Alex, at least it's better than "planned." though, not much better but it's something...

    In the evenings my 50/25 plan is lucky to get 2/5.

    Steer clear of this evil network people.

      Which technology are you on?

        Fixed Wireless. I do think it is capping/congestion from the wholesaler.

        Not happy considering I am wondering why I pay so much when Im not getting close to a lower tier plan. :|

          If you're not getting the speeds you're paying for, have you tried putting in a complaint with the ombudsman?

          I guess if you just CAN'T get the speed you're paying for then at least drop down to the cheaper, lower tier plan so that you're only paying for the speeds you're actually getting?

          Switch to MyRepublic if you can. One good price and you get the fastest they can give with what tech is at your site. Their support is rather slow though but since I got connected I've not had any issues

            Did you have any hassles getting connected? I've read a lot of gripes about the MR connection process but obviously happy customer don't complain so their voice is not heard. I have until May to find a good provider if it stays as planned so time is running out.

              Not really, you just have to be patient. Did the paperwork. Waited a couple of weeks. Did a follow up e-mail. Waiting another couple weeks. Later got a reply to schedule a technician. He came, plugged it in and everything worked. Haven't needed to contact them since.

              I've heard of others who've tried to switch active lines have had issues where their current ISP would disconnect them before MR reconnected and they'd have to wait weeks with no correspondence and no internet. My connection was on a separate line to my ADSL so I didn't have this issue, just had to manually cancel my old plan once my HFC line went live

                Thanks mate, I think I'll give them a crack.

      wow really.. your ISP are over selling your service and yet all of NBN is crap.. you prob think wireless is faster than fiber too..

        so many people are on the one mobile tower it gets overloaded and reverts back to the older networks... also it shapes everyone on it.... plus its 10 dollars a GB on wireless

    Planned availability: Oct-Dec 2017*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*.

    Translation: The cable Telstra installed 5-10 years ago and you're already using, getting better speeds than the NBN.

    Ty for that extremely delayed install for a service I already have.

      I've got HFC and get 100/40 over it with no issue. Granted, I'm 10 minutes out of the CBD

        I think it largely depends on where you are, and who's cable you're using. i haven't heard any major speed complaints from people using Telstra cable yet (just the usual water in the pits causing dropouts), but I've heard many a bad story from people using Optus cable in my area. 100/40 connections dropping to dial up speeds during peak hours is a common complaint, but I have a feeling it's due to the Rochedale hub being severely over-utilized. I've seen the results first hand from a friend who lives nearby.
        I guess I'm lucky that there's no Optus cable in my street. There has been a foxtel point here since I moved in, and never used it, but apparently that's what I'll be connected to on Thursday. Hoping for decent results!

          Interesting... If my street has Optus and Telstra/Foxtel which do they go with? Or do I have a choice? Or is it based on ISP I choose?

          I've paid no attention due to not expecting anything until 2019 as previously.

            I'm honestly not sure how it works if you have both in your street. I would guess that it would mostly come down to your ISP. If you chose Telstra, it's hard to imagine that they would hook you up to an Optus cable. The only time it would be a little unclear I guess, is if you went with another ISP besides them. Some like TPG do run their ADSL connections on a Telstra backbone, so if you connected with them, I would say chances are you would end up on a Telstra owned cable, but if you don't know the association between the ISP and the backbone they've previously run off, it would be impossible to know for sure.

              Cheers. More investigation is required.... I only found out due an iiNet email to get ready.

              I don't know if its worth it, my internet has been degrading for a while and sitting on hold for over an hour because they cut off the call back feature is annoying as fuck.

              I was going (before aware of the NBN date) to jump across to optus cable.

                mm that sucks to hear about your current net. Since iiNet is now part of TPG, my guess is if you stuck with them, you'd likely get hooked in to the Telstra network, but you might try asking them just to be sure. Not sure if they will even have an answer, but certainly worth a try.
                Depending on where you live, you might have luck with Optus cable, but if you're anywhere near the southside of Brisbane, I'd avoid it like the plague.

          Oh no, I'm in Rochedale and getting hooked up today :(

            Might depend on where you are in rochedale too. I'm in Underwood (not far from logan rd end of rochedale rd/underwood rd, and the Optus cable runs past my st, but doesn't go up it for some reason. You might get lucky if you already have a foxtel point in your house. If not, very hard to know if you'll end up on the Optus backbone or not.
            I hope for your sake that you don't, or if you do, that things go ok for you. A couple of the people I referred to among the group were/are actually using Optus cable as their service. (One of them even works for Optus) and they're in the process of getting switched over to NBN now. Whether they have improved performance by making the switch remains to be seen, but one of the people I know up that way had never used their cable, and was hooked in to the NBN via their cable, and he's had a shitty experience so far. Out of those people though, he is also the furthest from the exchange/hub/whatever it's called.

            I should also add, that even if you do get hooked to the Optus network, there is at least hope for you in the latter part of the year. They are going to rollout DOCSIS 3.1 in the second half of this year (both Telstra and Optus afaik) and that will open up the network to gigabit speeds, so with any luck, that should potentially bring improvements to anyone connected to the cable network.

              All looks okay at this point. I'm with Optus and was on cable previously consistently getting between 25-29 (on a 30/1) plan.
              Signed up with Optus NBN but now connected to the existing foxtel point at my house. Last night was getting 47/18 on my 50/20 plan. Hopefully it stays like that once the rest of the neighborhood signs up, though like you said DOCSIS 3.1 is scheduled soonish - I can't imagine too many people switching over as quickly as I did.
              I wanted to wait longer to see how the HFC network did in my area - it only became available in December - but I suppose since it's a HFC area Optus told me their existing Cable network will be fully deactivated by the end of March

                Good to hear it's behaving itself for you :) I got notified in Jan that NBN was available for me, and I signed up to switch almost immediately. Booked in and was supposed to get installed a month ago, but about 2 or 3 hours before my appointment, I rang my ISP to give them my phone number to give to the tech (cos I don't have a doorbell, and live in a gated complex) and they called NBNCo only to find out they didn't have something they needed (a cable I think) so they pushed it back another month :|
                Confirmed my new appointment with them yesterday though, so Thursday is looking good for me!
                Interesting to hear that Optus is deactivating their cable network that soon. I thought they would follow the plan as with copper, and give people 18 months to make the switch.

        I commented more because the NBN aren't actually installing anything for me, it's going to use the FFTN connection that Telstra installed 5-10 years ago.

        I pay for 30 down/1 up currently and have those speeds consistently. Had some drop outs recently but I'd bet that's because the NBN have been poking their noses in now, Telstra fixed it within 48 hrs after I called them.

        I can get 100 down but costs too much to bother with. Still cheaper than NBN rates though.

          I've heard many mixed stories about FTTN connections. Some people I know get consistent high speeds on a 100/40 connection, while others get really varied speeds or very low speeds. I guess with FTTN it's dependent on so many factors, like copper quality, distance from node/exchange etc. It's good to know that some people at least are getting good performance out of it though.

            Yeah, the box is at the end of my street, my house is maybe 100-200m away from it.

            Last edited 28/02/17 8:30 am

              Nice! Considering you got stuck with FTTN, you're fortunate to have close proximity to the node :) I currently live about 800m from my exchange (1200m cable distance) so I was a bit worried as to how it would get setup if I ended up with FTTN. Somehow I ended up with HFC though.

    So, I have NBN Fixed Wireless. I hate it.

    Went to this site, apparently the rollout is still planned in my area.


    I'm looking forward to using my existing coax cable in December 2019!

    My internet has been down for ten weeks in the last two years, so what are the odds that it's good to go for nbn?

    I'm getting it on Thursday! \m/
    Providing of course that they actually show up to install it this time. My hopes are higher this round, as I actually got a call from them confirming my appointment this time, where as last time it wasn't til I rang them a couple of hours prior to my appointment that I found out it was cancelled.

    Late 2019 sigh, guess thats what i get for living in a safe liberal seat.

      Safe labour seat here and it's no better, gotta suck up to those marginals :/

    Bah. The last thingo said 2017 and FTTN (I think), but this one's now saying 2019 and HFC.

      Lucky you.

      Mine originally said service available Q1 2014 FTTP, then building planned 2015 FTTN, then 2016 HFC, then 2018 HFC and now there's no planned date for my area at all...

      Meanwhile my neighbours across the street have had FTTP since 2015....

    Planned for Feb 2017, FTTP......but build has not commenced.....

    Planned availability: Apr-Jun 2017*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*.

    Well, thats better than 2020 which is what it said last time.

    Planned availability: Jan-Jun 2019*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Fibre to the node (FTTN)*.

    The FTTN thing is odd, as my town is on the list for FTTdp that was published not long ago, so now I'm wondering if this is out of date, or something changed?

    Last edited 27/02/17 2:57 pm

    Never, because Telstra's over subscribed and absurdly expensive FTTP Velocity network rules my neighbourhood.

    I know it's still miles better than what most people have or will get, but I wish the network was opened up.

    Planned availability: Jul-Dec 2018*.

    And what's funny, is the suburb just north of me already has NBN already installed and running for last few years ....

    Planned availability: Jan-Jun 2019*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*.

    How Does the Fibre Compare to the HFC

      Depends on how old the network is. I'm on HFC but I suspect it's fairly new. Getting 100/40 over HFC near the Adelaide Showgrounds just out of the city.

    Planned availability: Jul-Dec 2018*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*.

    mmmm tastes like disappointment for another year or two

    got it 2 weeks ago 5.7 MB/s down.... I wanted 8 or 9
    dont ban yourself from the node by using the wrong DSL modem/settings people like i did and it takes 2 weeks without internet

    Oh good, they decided to actually put the technology type back in after taking it out. How about that transparency eh?

    Also, what on earth happened to 25/5Mbps to all by end of 2016?

    The NBN (sorry, nbn™) is an utter joke now. What could have been a major infrastructure project setting Australia up for the next 100 years is now a politicised hodge podge of out-of-date technologies meaning many Australians won't even be able to get halfway decent speeds due to the state of their terrible copper. Plus, in their infinite wisdom, they've decided to rent that copper back off Telstra. Meanwhile that fact is conveniently ignored when nbn co give their CPP, while combining both OPEX and CAPEX on FTTP to make it look worse.


    Available May..... and FTTN. The node is less than 5 metres from the house.

    Planned availability: Jul-Dec 2018*.
    Planned technology: nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*.

    24 Months if disappointment ahead!

    I'm already connected to the NBN via FTTP. Just came here to gloat.

    NBN is available for me, I get HFC at my place. I currently sync at about 20mb/s, and with my current provider, for the same monthly price, I can have 12mb NBN. I have to pay another $10/mth for 25mb/s NBN to get me around the same speeds I get now.

    ... so this is the future? Pay more for less.

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