Civilisation VI Finally Has Steam Workshop Support

Civilisation VI has had a strong launch, but there's been one thing holding it back lately: Steam Workshop support didn't ship alongside the game in October, which means the modding scene hasn't really taken off. It will now, because the game's "Australian Summer 2017" update is now live.

Alongside multiplayer teams (also part of the update), another feature fans have been calling for since last year, the baked-in support for mods (the game has technically allowed them to now, but their implementation hasn't exactly been mainstream) goes beyond just Workshop integration, as the update also contains a range of development tools for modders, as well as an in-game editor and a change to Civ VI's front menu to "better show Additional Content details" (like mods).

The new "Additional Content" screen provides a lot more information about DLC and mods. A warning: because the update includes assets to go along with those tools, it's a big download, clocking in at 7GB down the pipes and 27GB once expanded and on your disk.

You bloody ripper. In addition to the mod and multiplayer stuff, there are also a range of AI tweaks, the most important of which is an "Increased desire and ability to use nukes and aircraft".

Oh, and because the update is live, the Australia DLC is live too.


    Those AI tweeks have done nothing to stop the whole world turning against me for razing a 1 population town russia set up next to my capital during a war they started like the bunch of asses they were.

    Last edited 25/02/17 10:09 pm

    I look forward to picking up this game when its complete.

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