Claim Your Nintendo Switch Account ID

You can now claim your unique Nintendo Account User ID for the Switch. Users who already have Nintendo Accounts may not yet have Nintendo Account User IDs, which explains to rush to claim one.

Nintendo Switch

So far, there are a few Nintendo account types you can make:

  • A Nintendo Account: The email and password combination through which you access the great majority of Nintendo services.
  • Nickname: However you want to be referred to by Nintendo services, that is, your first name.
  • Nintendo Network ID: How Nintendo users interfaced with the Wii U's and 3DS's eShop and Miiverse.

Now users are being prompted to create Nintendo Account User IDs. Switch buyers are already claiming theirs by logging into their Nintendo Account. Why? We don't know. Sure seems like a confusing number of accounts. Perhaps they will replace NNIDs.

Hey, better safe than sorry, it seems. What if 420BlazeIt snatches that User ID out from under you?

(via Wario64)


    I reserved my ID before I finished reading the article ?.

    Sounds like a small step in order to make sure we have to re-purchase already purchased downloaded games...

    Given all the complaints about PSN IDs, I wonder if they were forward thinking enough to build in support for changing the user name without having to create a new account?

      I changed mine a few times last night. So long as the name is available it's no issue.

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