Clearing Up A Little Confusion About The Uncharted Movie

In an interview published on Collider on Saturday, writer Joe Carnahan talks a little about his work on the Uncharted movie, which he thinks series creators Naughty Dog might be "happy with". About that, Joe...

Here's the relevant part from the interview, which he admittedly tempers with some Trumpian qualifications:

I'm very happy with the script, and listen it was important that I got Amy Hennig's approval, her and Nolan North, and what I've heard is the Naughty Dog guys are really happy with it. But who knows? That could be like Donald Trump hearing something; that may not be true at all.

Turns out it's the latter, because Naughty Dog's Neil Druckman — who was a designer on Uncharted 2 and was creative director on Uncharted 4 — tweeted this once the interview went live:

It follows something he said a few days earlier, when asked by a fan about the movie:

That, uh, definitely does not qualify as "really happy with".


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