Danganronpa V3 And A Bunch Of Other Japanese Games Get Western Release Dates

Danganronpa V3 And A Bunch Of Other Japanese Games Get Western Release Dates

Danganronpa V3 is coming to PS4 and Vita on September 26. Upupupu!

NIS America, the games North America publisher, revealed the date at a press event over the weekend. The company also announced it will be bringing Ys VIII to the states later this year in the fall and confirmed Disgaea 5 Complete will be on the Nintendo Switch starting May 23.

The event itself was pretty lit.

One of the more obscure games to come out of the event with a Western release window for this summer , even in a sea of other esoteric JRPGs, was Culdcept Revolt, the latest in a series of card-based strategy games.

The last one to arrive state-side was Culdcept Saga, an Xbox 360 game from when Microsoft was doing everything in its power to help big and small JRPGs find a home on its console (like Star Ocean: The Last Hope and Blue Dragon).

The game mixes turn-based tactics with card mechanics and board game trappings in the vein of Monopoly. And yes, it looks as glorious as it sounds.

In addition to announcements and release dates for a number of other Japanese games, SUDA51 announced at the event that a version of The Silver Case HD Remastered Version will be coming to PS4 in April with two new chapters added to the game.

The Silver Case was originally released in 1999 before the remaster was released on PC last fall. In a discussion about the game getting new life in an updated format, Grasshopper Manufacture’s Goichi Suda told Kotaku “We have to save these old games, because if we don’t, they will disappear.”

In a similar vein, there are an incredible number of Japanese games that never make it out of the country for one reason or another, but in the last few years, NIS has become one of the few publishers to help more and more of them find audiences abroad.


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