DeMarcus Cousins' Trade Was So Bad NBA 2K17 Won't Let You Do It

NBA superstar DeMarcus Cousins has been traded from the Kings to the Pelicans, and everybody outside Sacramento's front office knows it's a bad deal. It's so bad that, if you try and do it in NBA 2K17, the game won't let you, because it actually knows things about basketball and business.


Pastapadre's Bryan Wiedey tried to replicate the trade — which sent Cousins and Israel's Omri Casspi to New Orleans in exchange for Buddy Hield and some loose change found behind a couch — in NBA 2K17 and was told, nope, not gonna happen.

If you can't make it out in the tweet, here's the message:

Here, presumably, is a long list of potential trades that may have blown actual Kings GM Vlade Divac away had he been as prudent as a video game.


    Sorry but factor in his attitude and the "loose change" being serviceable players such as Tyreke Evans and Langston Galloway plus the fact that if the Kings are in the bottom 10 teams they keep their 1st round draft pick (currently 11th) and there is a lot more nuance and context then NBA2K17 allows for...
    He is also a free agent so you have to gamble he will commit at the end of the season.
    Says more about DMC's perceived value vs his talent - no one would offer more and keep it on the table.

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