Dialogue Screw Up Discovered In Latest DLC For WWE 2K17

[Image: 2K]

Bugs and glitches are nothing new. But WWE 2K17's just released Hall of Fame Showcase does one better with a dialogue flub.

Raw audio of commentator Jerry Lawler flubbing dialogue during the Papa Shango versus The Godfather match ended up in the final DLC. This doesn't appear in every match (it's not in this one), because loads of recorded dialogue can be used.

Obviously, during the recording process, dialogue screw ups are normal, but they are usually edited out. Not here.

I dunno. I kind of like it this way.


    Let's just ignore the screw up for a sec.. How does Lawler not see how shitty his delivery of these lines are? Compared to his actual commentary work back in the day.

      "the day" was a long while ago though.

      His current work is probably worse. WWE DLC is like current WWE programming - those in charge just don't care anymore, as log as they make a quick dollar.

    Dialogue Screw Up Discovered in EVERY WWE GAME EVER

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