Does A Tank Have Hands

When you look back at it, Half-Life pulled a lot of cheap tricks.

There haven't been a huge amount of major releases in 2017 yet, so it's been a good time to replay old classics and clear out your pile of shame. And dunkey, who rose to YouTube fame creating League of Legends videos before being banned, decided to fire up Half-Life.

Hitboxes weren't particularly advanced back in the 90's, so shooting someone in the hand in Half-Life was just as fatal as a shot to the heart. Unfortunately for dunkey, tanks and crabs don't have that weakness.

I really should play through Half-Life 2 again at some point.


    Goldeneye 007 was great about this. The dudes reacted to where you shot them. Headshot was insta kill of course.

    Turok was shit about this. Rocket to the chest, I'm fine. Weakest weapon in the game manages to get your head? Dead.

    I remember when first playing Half Life and being absolutely blown away when the scientist was speaking to me and his mouth was moving in sync to the words.

    I've been replaying HL1 and HL2 in co-op with some mates recently (on steam using Sven Co-op for HL1 and Synergy for HL2). Can't recommend it highly enough, co-op makes them both even more fantastic than they were originally.

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