Does Anyone Actually Use The Internet Browser On Their Consoles?

Does Anyone Actually Use The Internet Browser On Their Consoles?

In an interview published this week, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima told Time that the Switch won’t have an internet browser at launch, which made me wonder: Do people really use console internet browsers?

Let’s see:

I usually play games with a laptop next to me, so I’ve never once felt the need to browse the internet on a console, but maybe you’re different?



  • The Wii U had the best browser of any console. Used it plenty of times to jump out and check something while playing, or to watch something as a second screen while doing something else.

    • Agreed – it’s more user friendly than the browser on my smart tv because of the touchpad, so I use it when glued to the couch.

      I also use my 3ds browser when playing Pokemon: pop out, use browser, pop back in. It isn’t the nicest, but it works and is so much quicker than picking up another device.

  • I use Edge on X1 to go to streaming sites when I cant be arsed getting up and putting a hdmi between the computer and the tv.

    • This, my wife discovered that the xbone had a working browser the other week and she was thrilled

      • It does a reasonable job once you save your streaming sites as favourites and kill the popups.

  • Nope, apart from the novelty of trying it once. If I need to look at something while on a console there’s normally a phone or a tablet handy.

  • After what happened to the 3DS and Wii U, I doubt the Switch will ever get one.

    I imagine most people who complain about it not having one are just looking for a way to pirate.

  • I’ve used the browsers on each of my consoles at lease once for the sake of it but not much past that. I don’t see a browser as a value add for the switch. I’d rather see the resources need to create a browser be spent elsewhere on adding/improving functionality with the device.

  • Phone in my pocket is miles ahead in terms of speed. Already has favourites and voice search.

    • This.
      Phones should be faster. They are pretty much made for the web more than phone calls these days and cost upwards of $1000. Much much more than any console

      • I’ve used it occasionaly while playing to work out some obscure puzzle that I’ve failed repeatedly or doesn’t make any sense (to me). Games have some really stupid obtuse puzzles sometimes.

      • Phones do have quite powerful SoCs in them, with a lot of computing power. The problem is the code they have to chew through on many sites.

        The mobile web is an absolute disgrace. Full of shitty javascript and invasive ads that just make even the beefiest devices chug. Finding a mobile site with nice clean code is just fantastic.

    • When I’m at home my phone tends not to be in my pocket (if I even have one) so it’s way more effort to get up and get it 😛

  • I think for the Switch I would use it. For something that is as portable as an iPad I would love using the bigger screen for some browsing when not gaming.

  • The only time the browser on my PS3 was used was when the housemate used it to go to pandora and get some tunes going.
    I’ve never used it myself.

  • Sometimes for screencasting to the xbox one, but that’s about it. Usually I’ll just use my phone to browse the ‘net if I’m not in front of my PC.

  • I’m reading this on my Ps4’s Browser, If i see a cool upcoming videogame news or video, I’ll copy & paste the link & share it with my friends in my friends list, My & my ps4 buddies are a neat little gaming community, I’m realy surprised by these poll results.

    • To be honest, just about everyone has a better way of accessing the net than their console. Mouse and keyboard or touch are always going to beat controllers.

    • I do the same but use the Psn messengers app on my phone for messaging, especially since I’m not always on my ps4, typing and browsing is faster. I definitely recommend it!

  • I use the PS4 browser regularly if there a show I want to watch that isn’t available on Netflix… I probably should just go the VPN route though.

  • I’ve used my Vita’s browser many times whilst overseas. Not often at home though. Mainly because it meant one less thing to if around everywhere…

  • As has been mentioned before, the Wii U was by far the most user friendly browser, had a few bells and whistles to make it work, the touchpad etc made controlling and typing a breeze and youtube to tv while browsing the net or further youtube content was a great feature. It should be the yardstick for future web browsing consoles, the X1 and PS4 (and I love my PS4) are utter garbage by comparison.

  • As others have said – usually no, since mobile devices offer a better experience. However, this IS a portable device with a touch screen, so the question should be would you use it on the Switch over your mobile device if it offered a similar experience?

    The other thing that’s concerning – this is a portable device that only uses wifi to connect to the net. If you’re using a public hotspot, where the majority of them require a web-browser login/confirmation screen to connect, how will you connect??

  • Just look at pornhubs annual reviews.
    A TON of videos were accessed from consoles.
    And thats just porn

    • Think about the reasoning there though CBL – the console is attached to the TV, so it’s a way to quickly watch pornhub on the big screen. Only ‘use case’ I can see for it, TBH …

  • I used the PS4’s browser to watch streamed shows until the apps came out on the platform. The Switch strikes out on both accounts there since it isn’t bothering with non-game appps.

  • This is actually really annoying.
    i do a lot of browsing on the couch
    i was hoping this would do a serviceable job of web browsing and possibly web streaming.

    like others i thought the wii u browser wasnt terrible.
    i think we are past the point where a console is expected to ONLY do one thing.

    im sure there would have been some good hacks to play web games and the like on the switch.

  • The Wii U browser lets you go to youtube, load up a video, and then continue browsing videos on the gamepad while the TV plays in full-screen. So yeah, it was neat. Also gamepad means I don’t have to type out passwords on a TV painstakingly slowly for everyone to see.

  • But the Switch ISNT a console. Its a tablet with controllers and a tv dock.

    The question is Do you use a Browser on your Tablet?
    With enough tablet functions and media players… this would replace tablets in some homes. If it could handle Android APK I would ditch mine in a heart beat.

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