Eiji Aonuma's Zelda List Is Pretty Average, But Sure Why Not

Sorry mate, I respect your opinion and all but there's a limit here.

Recently Game Informer has been going hard on the Zelda: Breath of The Wild coverage, meaning we've being getting a bunch of new information about the game in the lead up to its release in March. Very nice.

Today they put together this neat little post about Eiji Aonuma's top 3 Zelda games of all time. They also ask him to name the Zelda he feels is underrated.

You should head over and check out the reasoning. It's interesting.

Interestingly, Wind Waker doesn't make the top three, which I find surprising given its perhaps the most 'Aonuma' of the Zelda games.

Feel free to drop your own top 3 in the comments below. Let's get a brutal debate started.


    1 - Link to the Past
    2 - Windwaker
    3 - Ocarina
    That's right, WW is above Ocarina. Come at me.

    I've only played a Link To The Past and Wind Waker. They were both great :)

    1 - Majora's Mask
    2 - Wind Waker
    3 - Ocarina of Time

    MM has always struck me as one of the most underrated games I've played. It came out, people were excited and then BAM, hype died and they were all... "Dude, I'm too late for this event. WTF? Worst game ever." Both MM and WW build excellently on what was built in OoT. Twilight Princess is a pile of garbage only exceeded by Skyward Sword.

      Majora's Mask was the most memorable for me, probably because it was the most depressing game I've ever played.

      I mean, you go through your little journal thing in-game and see everyone that needs help, and it's like -

      "Okay, you're gonna die alone, you are a trapped soul, you are going to get robbed, you are going to get probed by aliens"

    I feel like his list is not from the perspective of a gamer, but more of a developer of Zelda games.

    But then that game was something I proposed as a new style of gameplay, and I was a producer on that game for the first time, so I have a lot of sentiment for it.

    This quote clearly shows that his reasoning for Phantom Hourglass being on top was because it was his first game in the series he was producing so it would make sense that he has an overly sentimental attachment to the game

      Yeah, those involved in the actual design and creation of the games come from a very different perspective than those that just play the finished product.
      Gabe Newell's favorite Valve game for example is Portal 2 because he was so heavily involved in the half life series that all he can see there is everything they cut from it or had to change.

    1 - Ocarina of Time
    2 - Majora's Mask
    3 - Windwaker

    I might go play them again in the lead up to next week actually..

      Flip Ocarina and Majora and we have a winner.

        The more I think about it, the more I agree.

    1. The Legend Of Zelda
    2. A Link To The Past
    3. Wind Waker

    I actually think Zelda 1 is underrated these days. I find its combat far more challenging than most of the 3D iterations, plus it's much more satisfying to explore.

    Last edited 23/02/17 10:21 am

    So, this is where I'm at.

    I have forgotten how to get through the wind-sage dungeon in Wind Waker. Despite having played it twice before.

    I can't figure out how to plant beans in Majora's Mask to enter the monkey's jail. Despite having played it twice before.

    I only just figured out how to beat the Goron who charges at me every time I want to scale Death Mountain in Twilight Princess.

      I have a save in the last dungeon in Wind Waker. Last time I booted it up I had forgotten how to use all the tools so I figured I'd just start from scratch and relearn.

      Now I have two saves in the last dungeon in Wind Waker.

    1. Skyward Sword
    2. Majoras Mask
    3. Oracle of Ages/Seasons

    Apparently some people had trouble with the skyward controls? No idea how.

      Only just played SS myself, it had some problems but overall I really loved it.

    1. Majora's Mask
    2. Twilight Princess
    3. Ocarina of time.

    Pretty much in order of which ones I would most gladly do another playthrough of at the drop of a hat.

    1. Majoras Mask
    2. Windwaker
    3. Oracle of Ages/Seasons

    I feel Skyward Sword was Underrated, I loved the sword control, Dungeon Design and art style. koloktos is one of my favorite boss battles in the Zelda Series.

      It's probably not in my top 3, but the dungeon design in SS is outstanding.

    1) Ocarina of Time
    2) Wind Waker
    3) Majoras Mask

    1. Oracle of ages
    2. Ocarina of time
    3. Skyward sword

    Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I really liked skywar sword, and the seasons/ages games were fantastic

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