Fallout Shelter Officially Launches On PC And Xbox One

You've always been able to technically play Fallout Shelter on PC and Macs, thanks to the glory of Android emulators. But if you need another reason to dive into the vault, the game's officially available (for free, of course) on Windows 10 and Xbox One today.

If you want to quietly run Fallout Shelter in the background of your office PC, here's the Windows Store link. It'll run on a potato more or less, as long as that potato is powered by Windows 10.

For those on Xbox One, you can find the store listing here or through Xbox Live on the console. Both versions of the game fall under Xbox's Play Anywhere program, meaning your achievements and saves will carry over across platforms.


    Last I checked it's been out on PC for months...

    Yep, I have an email sitting in my inbox dated 16/07/2016...



    Fallout Shelter – Quests and PC Version Now Available
    Whether you’re a seasoned Overseer or just starting out, the PC version offers the full Fallout Shelter experience, complete with every update – including Update 1.6. The PC version is available now.


    So I'm not sure what the deal is with this release announcement...?

      It's clearly nothing more than a MS push, and an Xbone launch of the game.

      Because it has been on Bethesda's PC launcher since mid last year, and if that's not official then nothing is.

      There was even a Kotaku article about it like the week before it released.

        I'm personally happy not being stuck in Bethesda's launcher. Like it or not, at least UWP is already on your system, and the chance for crossplay is great for when I'm bored on the couch.

          I don't disagree with you on any point.

          I just took issue with this article completely misrepresenting the fact it was already release on PC... A search of the exact same tags used in this article would show the Kotaku article from last year.

          That said, I'd suspect the author is aware of the fact and did it anyway.

          Last edited 08/02/17 12:25 pm

    Cool, just installed it.....on my Xbox.....which is 600km away in Brisbane

    So now I want it on my PC and I don't seem to be able to install it

    At first it appears fun, but it starts to become less interesting and more tedious as you keep playing.

    Maybe there have been some gameplay changes since I played, but sadly, I thought this game was a very poor effort. :\

    I regret every minute I wasted playing this non-game on my iPad, I have no desire to ever download it on any platform ever again.

    I've been playing this on for PC for something like 6 months. Bit late with the news announcement Kotaku.

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