Mod Builds An Entire Pokemon Game In Minecraft

Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst is a new Minecraft mod that takes the intersection of the two gaming worlds to an entirely new level.

If a game allows mods, you can be sure a fair share of them will be Pokémon-inspired. And while there are no shortage of similar projects created using Minecraft, Cobalt and Amethyst is by far and away one of the most ambitious. It's also one of the more unique for being a map rather than a mod, meaning that anyone who has the vanilla Minecraft version 1.8.8 can simply download it and begin playing.

Cobalt and Amethyst doesn't just insert creatures and mechanics from the series into Minecraft either, it creates an entirely new Pokémon adventure. According to the creators behind the project, the story lasts over 60 hours and includes 136 Pokemon, mixing creatures from all over the series. While the map is supposed to be reminiscent of the original Game Boy versions, using classic sound effects and borrowing some of the music, the actual playable campaign is completely different.

The game itself isn't entirely pretty, but the depth of the world building is impressive in its own right. According to its lead producer, Phoenix SC, the map includes everything from battling, capturing, and training Pokemon to challenging individual Gym Leaders.

"The map places itself in a never-before-seen region, featuring a new set of 136 Pokemon and a new story dominated by an antagonist threatening to release a Legendary darkness that demands tribute. It is your task to seek the truth with the help of the region's Professor and your rival - either capture it before it's too late, or take Team Tempest down while saving the lives of those closest to you."

The team behind the map have even started putting together a walk through for the entire game. Phoenix SC claims to have recently beaten the game in approximately 70 hours with a team of Pokémon all around level 50. Which is nothing when you realise the project took nearly three years to complete.

You can download the Cobalt and Amethyst map here.


    It should avoid a cease and desist.......should.

      If it calls itself Pokemon it's a TM infringement. If it has actually Pokemon from the series in it. Or contains a very similar story, characters or items it's copyright infringement.

      You don't have the right to trade off of others work to get famous. Or just mess with their artistic work etc.

      In short, Nintendo will already be writing the DMCA letter.

      Last edited 06/02/17 11:09 am

        Exactly, If it contains any of The Pokemon Companies intellectual property, you can fully expect a swift DMCA.

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