Fighting Game Characters Recreated With Micro-Sized Blocks

Fighting Game Characters Recreated With Micro-Sized Blocks

It isn’t size that counts, but how awesome you can make tiny block sculptures.

[Images by seibu_lina0505]

Nanoblocks are much smaller than your typical blocks or bricks, with the tiniest Nanoblock measuring 4mm x 4mm. Japanese Twitter user Seibu_lina0505 has been creating Nanoblock sculptures of iconic fighting game and anime characters.

Know that Nanoblock has released official Street Fighter kits, such as this:


And this:

But Seibu_lina0505 has been making custom versions that are much, much better.

Have a look:


If you like Nanoblocks, definitely follow Seibu_lina0505 on Twitter.


  • those are fucking amazing. espcially those terry and dahlsim ones.
    laughed out loud at the yamcha one at the end. perfect depiciton.
    man i just nerdgasmed every where with these. streetfighter + dragonball z + building blocks = win.

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