Final Fantasy 14's Interface Made Futuristic Thanks To HoloLens

We've already seen what Microsoft's HoloLens can do to Portal. Now, let's picture what it can do to Final Fantasy 14.

[GIF via Tanufuku]

Japanese Twitter user Tanufuku created this mock-up to see how it could handle the MMORPG's interface. 

Tanufuku thinks this actually might make the game even more immersive as well as make it possible to play the game on a smaller monitor, thanks to the spread out UI. 

Square Enix hasn't yet implement this feature, so for the time being, Tanufuku will have to be satisfied with fielding Twitter requests.


    Wow! That looks really cool.
    Need to get back into the game, still haven't even played Heavensward and Stormblood is coming soon.
    But the lag playing in Oz =(

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