Final Fantasy 15’s PS4 Pro Patch Is Finally Here, Adds 60 FPS Mode

Final Fantasy 15’s PS4 Pro Patch Is Finally Here, Adds 60 FPS Mode
Image: NeoGAF (u/Unknown Soldier)

If you’ve been waiting for some higher fidelity on your virtual tonkatsu with tomato sauce, good news! The PS4 Pro patch for Final Fantasy 15 has finally landed.

Released apparently a couple of days early, the patch’s biggest addition is support for 60fps on PS4 Pro using the “Lite Mode”. Both high and lite modes still suffer from the occasional framerate drops, but Lite Mode on the PS4 Pro has consistently been the best way to play the game since launch, in part due to frame pacing issues with the higher resolution setting.

Here’s the patch notes, as posted by a user on NeoGAF:

Not included in the notes is the addition of two songs from the Nier soundtrack. You’ll find them in your inventory, if that’s something you’re into. Personally, I would have preferred the patch fix the game’s frame pacing issues, but the lineage of patches for FF15 is far from done. There’s still hope.


  • How big is the patch on PS4? On X1 the same patch is 2.6GB which I wondered if it had the Pro assets in it too despite not being able to use them, considering how big it was for what did not seem like any major changes…

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