Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Celebration Has No FF7 News, But Pretty Art

In case you were wondering how the Final Fantasy 7 remake was coming along, here's the only bit of the game shown at the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event in Japan last night. Looks like the key art department is on point.


    Looks awesome.

    Also lol @ the people who thought they'd announce the first episode of 7's remake. Maybe on the 40th anniversary.

    Not excited for FFVII remake. They lost me at "Episodic". Completely destroys the joy of sitting down for a saga.
    FFVII was not a Telltale game series.

      Supposedly they meant "episodic" in the style of FFX and FFXIII, not Telltale games. I don't know whether that alleviates your concerns or adds to them.

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