Final Fantasy 15 Voice Actors Playing Their Own Game Is Excellent

Recently the voices of Ignis, Prompto and Noctis streamed the game they star in, Final Fantasy XV, on Twitch. Unsurprisingly, it was adorable.

Source: Adam Croasdell

Adam Croasdell (Ignis), Robbie Daymond (Prompto) and Ray Chase (Noctis) were also joined by fellow voice actor Max Mittelman. While the stream hasn't been archived, fans have clipped the highlights. Of particular note are the guys getting together to sing, "Stand By Me."

Croasdell had apparently never played Final Fantasy XV before, and was a little amused at some of Ignis's more "no duh," recipes.

I also loved this video of them goofing around with the new free camera mode. Peep them taking a pic of Gladio's butt!

Croasdell also has a very, um, soothing reading voice. I really get why people are into Ignis now.

The guys promised they'd stream again soon, and I really hope they do. I wanna catch it live this time! Here's Croasdell saying Ignis's most notable line, to tide us over.


    Looks like some fun was had. I could listen to Croasdell all day ;)

    Why wasn't the stream archived? I would love to watch it.

    That was glorious, but it really should've been archived. Would've loved to have watched the whole thing.

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