Fire Emblem Heroes Update Makes It Harder To Keep Leaning On Takumi

Fire Emblem Heroes added weapon mastery quests recently, which are challenges for characters that wield axes, swords and lances. I quickly found out that these quests highlight weak spots on your team. For me, that's everyone but Takumi and Ryoma. Dammit.

There are three new quest options with the most recent Fire Emblem Heroes update, centring around sword users, axe wielders and, uh, lance folks. These quests will reward you for completing certain stages using a team of units that use a particular weapon, and beating those stages will earn you more orbs. As I went to go check these out this morning, I suddenly realised how hard I had been leaning on a couple of characters. I'm completely screwed.

With even a low-level Takumi or Ryoma, most maps are a breeze. In particular, Takumi's ability to counter close attacks as an archer and Ryoma's similar ability to counter attacks at range finish off enemies that are usually out of reach. But completing the third training stratum on normal with my roster of axe wielders was an absolute chore.


It's hugely embarrassing, but these were actually all my best options. I have six axe users, and before the quests, most of them were level one. The recommended level for the third stratum is 10. It's all my fault, I know, but there just hadn't been any incentive to use my axe users before. Even at a disadvantage for weapon type, Takumi and Ryouma could take pretty much any enemy out.

I'm super glad that these quests are here — now I know how to more effectively level my units, and I'll get more balanced teams for the Arena. A side benefit for Takumi-less players is that working through these quests might give them a means to defeat him. Guess I better get all my units ready.


    Sounds like a good solution than just nerfing him

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