Footage From The First-Ever E3 Is A Real Trip

E3 today is a thunderstorm of neon spectacle. It's marketing buzzwords and hip executives wearing blazers and T-shirts as they show us their hot new video game trailers. Twenty years ago, though... Twenty years ago it was a little different.

E3 2016. Photo via ESA

This incredible new footage of the first E3 expo in 1995 (shot by Anthony Parisi) is a lot of fun to watch today. Back when E3 was more of a trade show and less of the customer-centric marketing campaign it is today, video game executives spent a whole lot of time discussing stats, showing charts and complaining about piracy.

The camera is shaky and the sound quality isn't great — it's from 1995, after all — but this video is a trip. At 2:49 you'll find the Sega keynote, then at 37:45 is Sony, then 1:03:00 is Nintendo. Then at 1:36:25 we get a look at the show floor, starting with some excellent demo footage from Secret of Evermore, complete with placeholder boss fights.


    The Sega Saturn Realsports ad is so bizarre, but not moreso than the deadpan presenter straight after it.
    And it is the $100 more than the Switch.

    Haha jump to 1:37:20 for the Killer Instinct Dancers. What a time to be alive.

    Ooh Virtual Boy stuff at 2:33:25. Oh man there was a racing game? I want that :P

    A Virtuality system at 2:39:40.

    Hahaha Mortal Kombat live stage show at 3:08. Followed shortly by Doom. And then the Mortal Kombats come back.

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