Foxtel Offers 200GB Bundle With Sports And Broadband For $99 A Month

To celebrate its second year as a broadband provider, Foxtel is combining its most popular sports and entertainment packages with home phone and internet for just $99 per month.

This works out to a minimum total cost of $1512. Why $1512 and not $1188? The total includes a $125 iQ3 equipment fee, a $100 TV installation fee and a $99 "bundle activation" fee. Tch.

As of yesterday, new customers who sign up to Foxtel’s 200GB broadband and home phone service will also receive 12 sports channels to watch over the 2017 winter sports season. This includes FoxSports 1-5, Fox Footy, beIN Sports 1-3, ESPN 1-2, Eurosport and Fox League: a new 24-hour channel launching on 27 February that covers the 2017 NRL Premiership along with panel shows and documentaries about the game’s history and heritage.

The bundle also comes with 45 entertainment channels including FOX8, UKTV, Arena, TVH!TS, Lifestyle, National Geographic, Nick Jr. and SkyNews. (Before you ask, Game Of Thrones is not included: this is shown on the Showtime channel which will cost you extra.)

On the broadband side of the equation, the package comes with 200GB of data per month delivered via Telstra's ADSL broadband network. (You also get a free WiFi modem dubbed Foxtel Hub.) Crucially, all Foxtel content streamed over Foxtel broadband at home is unmetered and will not count towards your data allowance.

The bundled home phone service provides free unlimited standard local calls. You will need to pay extra for international calls, however.

Here are the key features that are included the new deal:

  • 12 Sports channels
  • 45 entertainment channels
  • Foxtel Broadband and Home Phone
  • 200GB of data (plus Foxtel content streamed On Demand with no data limits)
  • Free Foxtel Hub
  • Home Phone with unlimited standard local calls
  • Sign up online & save $100* on tech install

Foxtel is currently offering a free TV install for customers who order this bundle online, which knocks $100 off the total. The deal ends on 5 April 2017, so you still have a few months to decide if you need this much sports in your life. For more information, head to Foxtel's website.

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    so essentially 126 per month. What a sweet deal... but ill stick with 250GB for $60, foxtel isnt worth the admission price

      MyRepublic NBN
      Speed - As fast as you can get piped to your house (I get ~100/40)
      Data - Unlimited Unlimited
      Price - $59/month

        I just had a look at their plans, and they have a package where they give you lower ping if you pay more.

        I figured that, being a fibre optic network, the ping would be pretty tiny to begin with.

        Unless they purposefully place you in some kind of low priority QOS.

          The Gamer Plan gives you a static IP, and "improved" ping, but my ping is pretty good on the normal plan. Get 33ms on Overwatch.
          It's not just fibre though, they'll connect you through whatever connection the Liberals allowed you to get. In my case, I got really good HFC. In the lucky areas you'll get fibre and the least lucky will get fibre to the node.

    Thats not a bad deal. Just a pity its ADSL and not NBN.

    I wonder how it would work in NBN areas that cant connect to ADSL any more.

      Whats even worse is when its Foxtel via cable but they can only offer an ADSL connection... no thanks!

    Still with TPG on the Unlimited for 70 or whatever it is. After losing the Premier League Foxtel has nothing for me besides UFC, which I prefer watching at the pub.

      Ufc fight pass you can stream it out who ever. Tisnt cheap though.

    I'd rather eat a dick than sign up to Foxtel.

    How about... no!

    But, cool ad bro! How long did it take to cut n paste that from their marketing material?

      This article really does feel like it's missing the *sponsored* disclaimer.

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